Is India making a right decision for going on War?

Is India making a right decision for going on War with Pakistan due to Mumbai Blasts????

What are your opinions to the question above?

Would it affect the people living in both countries?  To what extent?

We want o hear your opinion…. Please leave your respone in a well educated manner.. Thanks

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240 thoughts on “Is India making a right decision for going on War?”

  1. Right now INDIA is making a big mistake because Its economy is not much better and since most of the world’s business is situated in INDIA by going on war they will ruin their future economy and most of the business will be lost… PAKISTAN is in same situation as INDIA but PAKISTAN also as a very strong friend (CHINA) who is always willing to help PAKISTAN in every situation…

    My conclusion would be instead of brown people fighting together they should try to improve their economy and share better relations…

    Plus, if INDIA does go on war with PAKISTAN i will highly recommend for all muslims to join from both sides and kill HINDUS who are try to frame muslims as terrorists…
    (everything above was my opinion and you might and might not agree with me)

    we then guess what I REALLY DONT CARE!

    May Allah keep His blessings on Muslims and ruin our enemies 🙂

  2. The main problem is that Islamic socio economic system is unaccepatable to most of the Muslims and Non believers. They think its a threat to their lavish life style but its not true, because they make opinions without knowing the true spirit of islam which can be achieved through understanding the religion of islam through the sacred scriptures i.e Quran and Saheeh Ahadith. That is why people with common ulterior motives always try to malign Islam and associated countries and do not want to miss any opportunity in this context. Recent situation in Mumbai is one of the several examples of recent past.

  3. Aslamoalakum @ All Visitors,
    Thanks for all your comments we made this post to visualize what Muslims from the work think of such act that took place in Mumbai. And, would it be worth for Indian Muslims to fight with Pakistani Muslims when its Hindus who are treating the Muslims badly in India and blamming everything on the Muslims to pretend they had no invlovement in such act.

    We want to make sure that every Muslim says safe and that all Muslims remain joined in good and bad times. Sine, Islam is a religion of peace and will always be and no Muslim on world would every think of hurting another Muslim if they have true understanding of Islam.

    Now that was also something iMuslimz has been dedicated to (Trying to join all Muslim in good/bad times) … we have never discriminted against any Muslim as if they were Turkish, Black, American, Pakistan and Indian or from anywhere in world we have always tried to promoted every Muslim as best to our ability.

    Thus, we as Muslim should also spread and focus on this example of iMuslimz to please stay joined and stay as brothers and sisters with love and harmony.

    Now @ Brother Salman,
    Your comment was a bad example of educated discussion please dont mind but also think about Muslims living in India who are also going through bad times because of this Mumbai act. We really want to a have positive environment on iMuslimz and also try to have a good discussion.

    We thank everyone who are participating in this discussion and also request to maintain a positive environment and we also want to keep in mind of our Muslim brothers and sisters before we leave any bad comments.

    iMuslimz Team Member (TheNasheedLyrics)

  4. Indiashould not gofor war rather she should look into the Pakistan engagements in the Fata area against the extremists.In case of tensions between the two countries Pakistan will have toremove its forces from fata. The beneficderies will be Extremists.The extremists must have used the pakistan’land but hte Govts is not involved in it.The growing economy of India will not survive in case of war.

  5. y india always blame pakistan .i ask who were the fukin people who did mariot hotle in pak ,now same terrorist did to india ,and india wants war with pak shame on india one side ask for friend ship on other hand always run after pakistan always looking for pull friends leg, so sad i wish both country become friends

  6. during 1971 war with pakistan we covered large area of pakistan. and even after winning we have come back and return your area to you back.dont forget that we have power to take the same area again…..,in india indian muslim’s are not allowing these bastered’s terriest to sow in India. its not the goverment saying this but the Indian Muslims in doing their job’s. i am proud to be an Indian Muslims.
    ” agar dum hai to aamne saam ne lado,
    buzhdilo ki tarah pith pe war karo….,.
    Pakistani Fattu….!

    • you guyz came in d dark nyt lyk thieve. If u were brave enough then get sum courage n come in daylyt, lets c if u can get even one square inch land of Pakistan. Secondly ppl lyk u r not trustfull my frnd u r saying that “I M PROUD TO B AN INDIAN MUSLIM”. c’mon get ur facts ryt YOUR NAME IS ‘SANDEEP’. SO i wud suggest u to go back to mum n ask her if r rilly a PROUD INDIAN MUSLIM or a MOTHERFUCKER LIER BLOODY HINDU. Then v will tok again after finding out if u r a legal or illegal child.

  7. Leave and Let leave others…..If all Muslims see the scenario then you will find that Muslims are killing Muslims …..,
    ………WHY……..,? i am not saying that all Muslims are terrorist then why all terrorist are Muslims…….? When you say Indian Government are troubling Indians Muslims and for that you are fighting for justice…… then it means in Pakistan also doing the same……,? Why they are blasting in Pakistan…..? Before commenting against India please do Come to India and see the difference…..! Most of Indian Muslims are against Pakistan…., we invite singers ….., and we invite Comedians….we give them a plate form to perform….. we stand with Pakistani cricket team when all others doesn’t want to play in Pakistan…., and you abusing Indians by putting comments…. please thing before you write…, every thing has the dead End …….and now the time has come to take the decisions…..!

    • salam o alkium to all my muslim brothers !!!
      o hello (Sandeep) tum apna aap dekho aap kai people kai pass roti nhi hai kahne ko aur jang larkney nikal..
      aap thanks kiya karo apne in sikh cast ka jo indian ko defend kar rahi hai kyun aap hindu loog ko zindagi itni paayri hai aap apni jaan baacha ne kai liye aap ko apni MAA bi bejhni bare tu bajye do gaye ye india kiya hai aur dosri baat ik meri baat mind mein betha lena aur yaad rakhan MERI DOUYA HAI KAI YE JANG NA HOO agar koi asia bora wakte aya gaya tu aap indain kai mukabley mein :
      1 MUSLIM = 100 HINDU
      is liye bachye toofii kahoo aur aram say soo jayo .. aur tension na lo tik hai na

  8. Aslamoalakum Borthers,
    Please donot leave comments that might lead to division in Muslims.. WE are trying to make comments that will unite Muslims and not divide. Also, we never want to leave any comments regaring Muslims as being terrorists since we know Islam is a religion of peace and no way a muslim would attack or hurt others. Therefore, who ever did this Mumbai/911 attack they can belong to a particular group but THEY ARE NOT MUSLIM.


    So please and please leave comments to unite Muslims and spread peace.
    iMuslimz Team Member (TheNasheedLyrics)

  9. This is the Voice of a True INDIAN…to all pakis- firstly you all need to that your so called Nation is a By-Product of India since 1947,fully flooded with insecure muslims who had no choice but to follow a hypothetical religious misinterpretion by political and religious assholes(Jinnah & Party).
    We too have all religions in INDIA as we believe in Equality and Diversity, Centuries old values and traditions has been destroyed since the Mughal Invasion on our Motherland but still we have tolerated and accepted YOUR existence…It has been noted and History speaks about the Atrocities carried out in the name of ISLAM all over the planet and your nation is the Mecca/Breeding ground that manufactures Terrorists today-still your infected Government keeps playing poor diplomacy and diaglogues. If you people think that your religion is teaching you peace and all that why doesnt any of your leaders(religious/political) come forward to talk to any such terrorist organisation like LeT and stop your nation/religion getting Bad name…You people need to know that people are Human first and not only MUSLIMS…your very thought process is the breeding ground of terrorist mentality…Please improvise before its too late for you all and dont just bark on Blogs HERE…we are Far more in quality,quantity.etc…so Pakis BEWARE and do not get fooled by your own identity or your existince will be limited with such attitude and approach…for further info refer to your souls if you realise you are Human first and then Muslims. Dont get jealous about us as we are far ahead and better than you all as you already know…if you have guts try and compete like humans but not in the name of cowardly terrorism

  10. First of all assalamualaikum …..All the people of wold are suffering from tererisim but still very kindly i am telling one among those people we muslims are suffering alot ……Why..?Nobody will give the answer…I think.If we see so these non muslims are behind muslims when our prophet(s.W.A)was there…And untill we are suffering……If we see in bosnia and chaichnia muslims are still suffering,in kashmir they are suffering,falastin,afghanistan,india so nobady is there to stop these things why these things are happening only with muslims not with anyother nation…..America attacked on afghanistan who asked the reason,smae like iraq without any reason ………Why? Why they have killed thousands of thousand innoent people why? Now wt is the result those people are still suffering who will give them peace who who………U.N….Noooo…That is for non muslims and not for muslims …………..So in result of these things muslims will do what?….They are losing thier identity,their property,their pease,their children,means everything…..So what will they go ?They will defenitely do “jihad” as our religion says to protect the life of other muslim wherever they are ….For the muslims jihad is furl…..So i want to say as a muslim i will defenitly do my safety agaist non muslim wherever i am……….So the main theme of my message is not only the muslim world but anybody who is suffering if he has the power he will fight…….But still they will wait for a particular chance to do that…..Now as a pakistani i am telling that if india is telling that we did those things in india then who are the people in pakistan who are doing those things they are thinking only muslims are here in pakistan but muslims are there in the whole world they will fight against theose poeple who harming thier brother,sister thats what islam says…Very seriously i am telling its very saddest occassion that india is thinking that pakistan is involve in these attacks…….Everyone wants peace in the world,who doesnt want peace but still if india is thinking that….. They are wrong……..They should see the whole issue and then tell ……….We will accept what ever the wrongs we did………….Finally i am telling we should creat a good environment forever that is the thngs that we are keeping only hope for the last 60 years and still we are in the hands other people they are pulling us to the war …..But one thing allhamdulellah we dont afraid of war but still peace is the solution of evrything

  11. listin one thing who the hell you are …dont mock at religion you and your religion ………… are very proud that you are hindu …….first of all what are you doing? you are worshiping a hollow thing budh(just think who will do worship of this thing that a human is making by his hand)who will do …..first think of your hand foolish indian proud man…..who made your hand before that budh… who……?you dont have the brain to think on that ……who has given the power to think ….that budh very shame …..just reliaze this fact …..that budh cant even stop flies to sit on it how will the budh operate the world …..very shame first accept a religion you dont have you own religion sticking with that hollow budh from years leave it and come to the fact….and dont mock at other religion like islam…….have you seen what is islam no………then shut and wait you budh believer….

  12. “Assalamoalaykum” to All visiter,
    Mere khayal se ye sab insan ki soch he. Koi bhi cast me ye nahi he ki kisi ki jaan lo. Kuch logo ka maan na he ki terrist serf muslim hi hote he, yesa bilkul nahi, agar yesa hota to terist kabhi bhi bom or any thing masjid ke area me nahi rakhte. Agar terist muslim he to unhe sochna chahiye ki bom etc. ye soch ke nahi phati ki samne wala banda muslim he ya bhair hindu or any other caste. Yesa bhi ho sakta he ki marne walo me koi emaan wala ho, agar yesa huwa to jra socho ki “KHUDA” ke bande ko marne ka aakharat me kiya hoga.
    Mere khayal se hum sabko apni gireban me jhak kar dekhana chahiye.
    Na ki yek dusre par tohmat lagana chahiye. Or yek ke karan pure cast par terrist ka stamp lagana sarasar galat hoga.
    Mere najar me nonmuslim ko bhi ye sochna chahiye ki hame kisi cast par kisi bhi tarah ki bebuniyadi baat ya ohter thing na kahe.
    Is se aapsi mohabbat me kami aati he.
    “Insaniyat duniya ka sabse bdi ebadat he.”
    Because ye har yek me hota he, i.e. “Basic”.
    Please apas me miljul kar rahye. Yesa na ho ki aap ke calte kisi ka dil duk raha ho.
    Ye hamari soch thi, agar meri soch me koi khami he to please Dil pe mat lena. Meri khabhi bhi ye irada nahi ki kisi ka dil todu.
    Please think on it deeply. And judge….
    “Kudahafiz”, Parnaam, bye, and……

  13. no doubt pakistan is a blooody terrorist country wohle world knows aur beta pakistaniyo baap se panga na la lo salo nanaga karkay maarenge hum india wale kaargil yaad hai ki nahi yaa phir phir se yaad dilaaye aukaat mai raho pakis machhar jitni aukaat nahi hai india kay saamne tum logo ki fuck u pakistan

  14. Hello to all arogants
    you know how the kids grow with out the supervision of able elders.If today’s generations (regardless of any religion age,or country)are behaving like a spoiled child the blame equally falls on their elders.We forgat about tolerance,mutual co-exitance.Lust for WEALTH,LAND AND POWER has turned us mad.No regard for humanity.They say “Humans are social animals”.Is it so? No more my friends.We will parish as humanbeings unless we make a u-turn.Uless we recall the words honesty,kindness and mutual co-exitance we deleted from our dictionary long ago.
    One of you !

  15. enough is enough….india have had it with pakistan….for year pakistan have attacked india and they did nothing back why because india knew it was wrong to go to war but now after attack after attack india had it with pakistan and should go to war to take revenge for everyone who died in all the attacks!!!!!!!

  16. during 1971 war with pakistan we covered large area of pakistan. and even after winning we have come back and return your area to you back.

    sandeep hunny if you know the reality of 1971, you should know that the hypocrates of indian govt request us to seize fire. And when we accept your request to seize fire. Thats how you idiots were able to cover some of our area. Dont forget about 1965.

    Sorry to say but i need to expose the reality of hindus. Hindus were servent of muslims for years and years and if you denied this fact go and read some history. In short if you fucking morons want to fight with us go for it instead of mambling and barking like a dog. Reality is you never accept pakistan as a separate identity of muslim nation otherwise you could and should endup this issue with serious dialogues instead of barking on your tv.
    I have an idea for fucking drink and sing. Thats all you can do


  17. india is faqin shit but people of india just muslims r grate but fain hindus r dickheads they dnt have mind there forhead is emty dum puusy

  18. in the era of fast developement no one can afford and repaire the loses of war over a long period of time so we should think about our enemies who want warsbetween us. from naeem ahmed

    Note from Admin of iMuslimz: Please do not ever leave you phone number, address or credic card number on public places. Please dont mind but we are removing this for your own good.
    iMuslimz Admin

  19. I think that India is doing a very wrong thing. We all know that USA committed the 9/11 (11/9 in UK terms) and tried to frame Muslims for it because all the terrorist names provided were fake, so what stops them from being the ones causing all the havoc. Why is it that they are framing Muslims?

    Those people who are now becoming terrorists are becoming one because the Americans are calling them terrorists. They want them to know if they were terrorists they could do much more and want to show it to them. But I am against all this terrorism stuff because all it is is people killing other innocent people just like the Americans in Iraq, and Afghanistan.

    But going back to this topic we have seen governments paying people to say things so what is stopping the Indian government paying the captured terrorists to say they are Pakistanis.

    I am not one of those people who hate Indians because of the wars against Pakistan, I just don’t like their government because hey want to frame ALL Pakistanis for something their ancestors have done. As the Indian always say:
    “What would Ghandi have done?”
    To that I say to them would Ghandi have said ‘kill all Muslims’ or would he say ‘let’s settle this in a peaceful way’

    We Pakistanis don’t make movies about Indians being terrorists or those doing wrong so why do the Indians make movies which make Pakistanis terrorists or the villains. But what annoys me the most is that there are Muslim actors who agree to take part in those movies.

    To all Pakistanis I say
    “Pakistan Zindabad
    Pakistan Zindabad
    Pakistan Zindabad”
    And I am ashamed of those who don’t know what it means:
    ‘Long live the land of the pure’

    National Anthem in Roman Urdu

    Pak sar zamin shad bad
    Kisware haseen shad bad
    Tu nishane azmealishan
    arze Pakistan
    Markaz e yaqin shadbad.
    Pak sarzamin ka nizam,
    quwat e akhuwat e awam
    Qaum, mulk, sultanat
    Painda tabinda bad,
    shad bad manzal e murad.
    Parcham e sitara o hilal
    Rahbar e tarraqi o kamal
    Tarjuman e mazi shan e hal
    jane istaqbal
    Sayyai, Khudae zul jalal.

    National Anthem In Urdu

    ??? ?????? ??? ???
    ???? ???? ??? ???
    ?? ???? ??? ???????
    ! ??? ???????
    ???? ???? ??? ???

    ??? ?????? ?? ????
    ??? ???? ????
    ??? ? ??? ? ?????
    ! ?????? ?????? ???
    ??? ??? ???? ????

    ???? ????? ? ????
    ???? ???? ? ????
    ?????? ???? ??? ???
    ! ??? ???????
    ???? ????? ????????

    English Translation

    Blessed be sacred land,
    Happy be bounteous relam,
    Symbol of high resolve,
    Land of Pakistan.
    Blessed be thou citadel of faith.
    The Order of this Sacred Land
    Is the might of the brotherhood of the people.
    May the nation, the country, and the State
    Shine in glory everlasting.
    Blessed be the goal of our ambition.
    This flag of the Cresent and the Star
    Leads the way to progress and perfection,
    Interpreter of our past,
    glory of our present,
    Inspiration of our future,
    Symbol of Almighty’s protection.

  20. i am living here in Abu Dhabi, when heard abt the case in Mumbai i was very shocked and felt very sorry, coz our Pakistan relationship where very good and hope to be very good in future too, as about the fight between two powerful countries i think it is crazuness to think possitive like that, and if any party from any country is thinking like that so it is fake, we want goo relationship, better lives, so we can meet our friends and relatives and beloved persons in India, all the fake issuance wbout the war is to make the both countries week in economies and fainancily and as well as the freindship which the criminals want to break it between the two atom power countries. Hope no One will take a bad action or positive action on the is regards, hope our rulers / leaders will help us to be in safe and peace.

    thanking you

    Abu Dhabi, UAE

  21. India as a democratic country should come clean accusing Pakistan of terrorist attacks in Bombay, It has been the long standing policy of India to involve Pakistan in any terrorist activity committed by RSS Shiv-seana Bajrangal dal extremist hindu organisations on its soil. If India is honest it should produce the evidence of the involvement of Pakistani extremist.

    Any act of war by India on Pakistani terrority will be suicidal for India, It would notbe conventional war. it will invole ballistic missiles and conflict may involve other countries in the region.

    The queation arises that why at this junctire When the Presidency of Mr Bush is ending and the general elections are due in India next May ? It is a deep seated conspiracy between India and USA and a warning to China to fold its wings.and also to hide India,s atrocites in Kashmis. 90,000 Kashmiris have been killed so far.

    It is in the intrest of both India and Pakistan to resolve its disputes through dialouge and India must recognise Pakistan as an Independent State

  22. facts and trouth is unpapular now adays! the trouth is,justice is fading from the the terror is born in any society,# 1 reason is denile of justice,fundamentle rights denied and desparity will creat people who are called terrists. Each country and speciely the world powers have to play the roll to deliver the justice around the globe,such as palistaine,Kashmeer,and many others who are denied of theire reason for life and liberty and justice for them. So the world powers have to deliver the basics or face the consequences.( give me life and liberty or give me death) In fact muslims are facing these problems and reaction of denieles is the main reason for the problems in the world today.

  23. shaukat….mere lal…,your country doesn’t have guts to fight face to face ……,that is why you create terriest who attack cowardly…,and regarding Hindu religion its far more ahead of your understanding….., you should know the fact is when the boy get berth he born as Hindu ….after that you made them Muslims…it means you have separated and being forced to be Muslims….not by choice….but by force,,,,! and the second example is your mullah’s visit other country to convert people in the Muslims community by giving them food or money…..whereas Hindus doesn’t go any wears to prove their religions….
    Beta …Shaukat agar ooth baith bhi jaaye to gadhe se uper hi raheta hai…..jis ding ghus gaye naanga karke maarenge…

  24. saukat if you want a more detail please visit youtub and put your queries…regarding INDIA and paki war detail you will come to know baby…please grow with mentally not only by physically… No joking Saukat …trust me ….40% of total Muslim people have been died in Mumbai attack. No one can justify this cowardly attack….please don’t depend upon china ….

  25. 1 – Our Prophet Said: World will never End, Until Muslims fight against “Hindu”.

    2 – Attack on Mumbai, is way to work on Map of 2015.
    Have you seen the map of 2015? there is only half of pakistan, other is India and Afghanistan.

    So They are working on it..

    I want to ask ALL MUSLIMS, PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES, READ THE QURAN & HADITH, Don’t make non-muslims your Friend…

  26. Pakistani dont want to fight and if india want they are welcome for their graves in pakistan , they dont know power of my people .

  27. sandeeep u punk ass if u think india pakistan say jeet sakta hai pehlay fatu bachay peda kerna band karo tum log daar pouk ho lol

  28. lol all of the comments are just funny…this is a Islamic site so please dont swear and try to fight just give you opinion in well educated manner and please try not to comment on other people’s opnion… if I see anymore swearing I will take it out of your post to might not even approve it…

    So, leave a well educated opinion and dont try to fight!!!

    iMuslimz Team

  29. Dear Team members,
    It was just a small reply to those people who was putting their nonsense comments. and intension was not to heart you people. You must have also seen the comments which was their already… shouldn’t be their on the screen….but ..,
    Any ways I know you guys are good we understand the meaning of wards and where to use it…..I logged in to understand the general view of the people and share a good view….

    • Thanks for replying brother,
      We understand everyone has their own opinion but it was just getting out of hand looking at the language/words people were using…
      Everyone is allowed to share their opinion and we LOVE our visitors’ opinions to findout how the public thinks about these issues…
      EVERYONE please participate as we wanna see how you feel about this issue but please and please leave a well educated comment and inshallah we will see unity between PAKISTAN and INDIA because we both have red blood in our bodies and we all are humans…
      WE LIVED TOGETHER FOR AGES before our enemies divided US!!!!

      What do you guys think about that?

      • Dear friends,
        i know that every one has good Human been in every one its just we are not giving importance to it….., I think that no one can justify this killing innocent people whether its India or Pakistan…., 40 % of Muslims have been died in this attack I have a concern for that we are arranging the fund for this kind of poor people who have lost everything in this attack….., not by seeing the religion ….., we are humans and respect the humanity. we don’t feel good when terriest attacks on Pakistan……we all know who are they……my message to only those people(*terriest) please don’t play with the sentiment of the innocent people of Pakistan….don’t encourage people to become terriest….,rather become a part of military and make it more strong. Fighting is not the solution.

        God bless u all….

  30. mera name maqsood hai main tu ye Khata hoo key pakistan ko khuch kerna chaiyey , pakistan ka name padnaam hoo raha hai saab ki nazroon main pakistan pakistan hai iss ko chaiyey ke india se thoos thoos baat karey taakey india kya kissi aur ki heemat na hoo pakistan ki taraf dekhaney ki her tarif pakistan. pakistan daaab raha hai , ye nahi ke hum pakistani khuch ker nahi saktey. india ko her baat per ek achaa jwaab milna chaiyey.

  31. I humbly advise both Pakistan and India, please stop talking about the war. War is not the solution for any problem faced by both the countries.See the fat and economical conditions of USA & Britain and the world after the wars with Iraq, Afganisatan. Their economy has gone down and lot of people of these countries are facing number of problems. It will be better for both the countries sit and solve your problems peacefully. Indians and pakistanis people are peace loving and always hate war.

  32. Please, Take a decion how built their economies this is better sloution for my point of view. I humbly advise both Pakistan and India, please stop talking about the war. War is not the solution for any problem faced by both the countries.See the fat and economical conditions of USA & Britain and the world after the wars with Iraq, Afganisatan. Their economy has gone down and lot of people of these countries are facing number of problems. It will be better for both the countries sit and solve your problems peacefully. Indians and pakistanis people are peace loving and always hate war.

  33. mera naam irfan hai? allah ka fazal hai key pakistan aik muslim contry hai. 2nd yahi key india mey bi bohat sa tadad muslim ka hai then why they are blaming pakistan for iss issue??hoo sakhta hai yeh aik bohat bari sazish hoo….merey khyal mey america chahta hai key india or pakistan larahi karey …..orrr jaisey pakistan after war lazmi baat hai dono contries khrab hoo jayee gey………woos key baaad wasey bi american takreeban pakistan mey hai….iss leya key pakistan yani afganistan mey american sarey hai……….orrr jaisey war start hoo jayee gi yahi american bi hum paar subah sarhad sey hamla kar ley gey………then keya hoga yeh apney sa zish mey kamyab hoo jaye gey………………….hum sub ko chayea key tandey dimagh sey bait kar yahi issue solve karey……….hamey nahi chayea key hum apney contry ko khrab karey yeh pakistan bohat mehnat orr azaam sey qayaam howa hai……..hamey iss ki kadar karni chayea orrr soch samaj kar faislah karna chayea ………….

  34. Dear brothers , both India and Pakistan are going to the war situation since the day of their independence ……….. i think both india and pakistan has no any aprehension with the hands of each other because their corrupt leaders are enought to destory both the country, first of all both the countries people get rid from corrupt leaderships and than chose the fair and sincere leaders they will decide what to do .

  35. Dear Friends, some times truth becomes very hard to except. but truth will not change its face ..truth is truth… and one should have the courage to except that and work on it ….today i have seen Mr. Nawaz sarif has given the interview to Geo TV. that Kasab belongs to Pakistan and he got a tanning from Pakistan it self…., but Pakistan should not be blamed but i mean to say Pakistan prim minister should except the fact and destroy the terrorist camps. terrorist is not only enemy of INDIA but Pakistan it self…,they are actually attacking on worlds faith on PAKISTAN….,we all know that fighting and tourisms is not the solution for the peace loving countries. Then why illegal tanning camps is happening in Pakistan when they have the military force air force navel force…I don’t find any reason behind it rather then treating the other country…,

    • Dear Sandeep,

      i know truth is always bitter, gujrat…. remember …slaughtered and burned so many 2500 muslims…. by your own establisment and by parliment members and police. Khalistan moment…. killed sikhs…. there are 17 insurgencies are there in india…. including kashmir…. so many terroriest or extremist organisations there in india…. so thats the background of how extreamism is there in india.
      If you think that america, isreal, or any other parental country or power will solve your problems afterwards(that adventure) then you are mistaken.
      War…. Pakistan nation is never afraid of it, its hindus that are alwasy…they shit in their pants when they see muslims…
      We as pakistani admits that our president primeminister and parliment is dummy and they do what ever tbey are told to do by americans. but our nation is strong enough to face anykind of war.
      I hope you will be buring after reading this bit of truth.
      dont bother to reply to his message cause your reply will not change the reality that is (hinus are cowards) they were and are gonna be BACK STABERS.

  36. i think the pak. civil society should try to control or destroy the terror out fit created by army/ isi. i am of the opinion that it is hurting more to pak. than india. please note that, what ever is the idea/ conspiracy b/h the mum. terr. attack , it is hurting more from foundation to pak.. As the prime minister of uk rightly said that it is in the interest of pak. to destroy the terror camp and outfit, or else world community incl. india will see to it gets destroyed. Also kindly note that our [ india’s] founding father agreed very reluctantly to let form the secular pak..Let us join again as unified nation having secular values and democratic institution which is hall mark of india.

  37. i think it is the time , that india should give time , as hamid mir rightly said if given proof [ which is proven] the democratic govt. of pak. will be able to tighten screw on isi/army. BUT IF IT IS NOT ABLE TO DO THAT, THAN INDIA RESERVED RIGHT TO ATTACK TERROR CAMP. TODAY MR.SARIF RIGHTLY SAID THAT PAK. IS FAILED AS STATE.

    • Allow me to tell you all a story. Mr. Bush & Mr. Obama who happens to be neighbours. Both have large families members. Both famlies are not in best of terms for a reason or so.Few members from Mr. Bushes family decides to sent one of their member to the neighbours house & kills six of Mr. Obamas family. Here I pose a question? Does Mr. Obamas family have a right to protect its other livng members in hs house or not?
      Mr. Obama has very few choices. His family members are questioning him his leadership. He will tell Mr. Bush to hand over the killers who planed murder in hs house. In reply Mr. Bush tells him “Sir Obama, me too am terrorised of his presence in the house but we cannot help you in handing them over to you”.
      I ask you all isnt it appropriate either Mr. Bush guides/helps in caputuring the muderers with the help of Mr. Obama? This is the only way as if there is any civilised member in the house they have to rise against those muderers otherwse ther whole house will anyway get burnt/murdered.
      No one in Mr. Obamas house wants a war. But if need be a war is the ANSWER !!! Isnt thats what Profhet Mohammad would do?
      Ponder mate as time is in fast paced lane!!

      • i know war has never been a solution to any problem… but if someone imposes it over you… then being a muslim its your right to reply fistfully to their face.

        Hindus are so much confident his time, cause their parent america and israel is behind it…. i can see a dark future aheadd for subcontinent speically for india when thier silicon vally and industrial infrasturcture gonna be at a position back to square one 1947.
        good luck … see you in war hindus. cow piss drinking nation.

        • rizwan,there r many rotten, illinformed, fanatic muslim lives in pak.LIKE U, and thinks that u can ruin india, than u are day is merely with jealousy of this rotten element in pak. will lead to war. i also can see dark future of pak. ,because of people like u, pak. will be in 17 th century instead of 21st.may allah help rizwan for same.indian’s are strong and mighty, which tHey had proved in 1965, 1971, 1999, and 2002. for all the pak. had ran take cover of u r real aka USA.u are living on help of arabs and USA. so, please shut up and understand that begger are not chooser.

  38. Indians seem to b very confident dis time.mark my assessment dear bros,it il b a mark in worlds hist.I challenge those across the other side in my wits not to dare any misadventure.pakistan is a country which is being made on the bindings of religion nd our religion is strong which has inherent components to look after itself.the dynamics of warfare have already changed after 9/ do not need armies to inflict losses onto ur enemies now.a small but steadfast group of people can achieve strategic results with a tactical move.this time its our turn.may allah be with us.

  39. i call on the all intellectual and civilian of the pak. that if u fail to act today the destiny will not give u chance. pakistan can ask india’s help to destroy terror outfit , before it will be chaose all over pak.

  40. my dear friend shabi, blood is thicker than water.donot forget we are not trying to bully pak. it is the rogue element in pak. who is doing more harm to pak. than india. if u r very convience with the ideaology of fanatic islam, than i must tell u that it will certainly dig the very foundation of pak. your founding father jinha was having sacular ideas, but after his unfortunate demise it was not rooted in pak. soil. let me assure u that this time india is very much serious about eradicating the trror outfit from pak. soil with or without help of pak.

  41. The time has come my friends for India to stop sitting idle and letting its neighboring country get away with ploys, uncontrolled intervention, and its lack of accountability in maintaining terrorism and control of the people. India has stood relentlessly strong in tough and trying times when it felt the need to make a move it was always told to remain patient and in peace by national diplomats and other international countries. Now, many have now felt the pain and anguish only after the blood was spilled to the extent that it did in Mumbai that now even foreigners can now understand the extremity and possible need to put the foot down and make a move so that a message is sent. The message spoken and unspoken was sent many decades ago as current as days prior to the bombing about amending relations and restoring peace but even then this massacre occurred and the words fell to deaf ears. It is now time to take the stance and let Mother India either stand tall… or fall for anything and everything that its neighbor throws at her. They have only kept their silence (India) for so long because it was the most admirable, honorable, and responsible course of action to take. Now, it is time to awaken the country and let strength of the nation take control once again and remind Pakistan now that it must be strong enough to handle the corrupt members of the nation otherwise India will have to cross in and do their work for them. That’s my opinion as an individual not from Pakistan nor India but on the outside looking in while having enough knowledge of the inside. Take Care everyone.

  42. AA,
    I hereby submit my views regarding arising tension between Pakistan and India. Knowing all the facts, my view point is that India is only jumping on the support of Americans and Israil. Bother Israil and Americans want to nib the nuclear power of Pakistan. They are enemy of Muslims in whole world after wasting lot of economy and manpower in Afghanistan and Iraq they r unable to deployed their army in any other country, therefore they decided to use Indians who are the born enemy of Pakistan and there are bone of contention between both the countries i.e. Kashmir. Indian sensibly realize the situation otherwise pakistan will receive lesser than india. We r determined if India attacked we will give them a lesson which he never remember. We r Alhumdulillah nuclear power and we have only option of nuclear attack on India as there is no ratio proportion between Indian and Pakistan on the other sides.
    Pakistan Zindabad.

    • BRO.QURQULAIN, if the attitude of the common citizen in like your than perhaps world community may disarm from your status of nuclear power. pak. has habit of blackmailing every now and than. your country is not eligible for nuclear power ,which is big liability.further ur assessment of inflicting whole of india with nuc.bomb is very wrong. in any such event there nothing left as pak. i am surprise that the pak. civil society is not assesing current situation and the danger due toterror outfit created by isi/ army.kashmir can be solved bilaterly, as per simla agreement. i assure u that no body interested in india for war.

  43. if this war happens,it will be the world war other words the end of the must not happen.the leaders of both the countries must compromise.

  44. ambrish! what is ur openion about the murder of ur intellgence officer??
    Attack on Pakistan…….. u also have to b suffered.
    we can also say the terrorest activities in karachi is supported by indian hindu extrimists… the conditions in our nwfp is wrost due to indian’s activity as they r helping the tribals to do activities against pakistan and destroy the image of pakistan. in bloachistan urs agents working and helping bloachistan liberation party (as ur weakly program on DD1 at friday 8:00am show ur Baised attitude toward these activities). we can also blame u for every bomb blast in pakistan as u used to do(in seconds of accident ur govt announce pakistan is involved ………how amazing???? na)

    • thanks for some balanced reply brother Sani.
      Pls specify the name of murdered intel. officer.
      terrorist activities in Karachi as u say is because of injustice treatment(second hand citizen)given to the muslim went from india during partition.
      u never had control over nwfp and it was the case with British,so don’t bother.
      Balouch never wanted to join so called pak.and it’s in our interest to support them as u r supporting kashmiri.although ur support to kashmiri failed to show any result as seen in current election.
      there are lot many evidence of pak. involvement of terror activity in India.
      Ur ISI and army cowardly supporting terrorist outfits because they know the strenght of mighty India.
      I again want to reassure the pak. civil society that if they fail to act today, there will be no tomorrow for pak.
      which is I feel,will be very unfortunate as our founding father very relunctantly allowed to form pakistan.
      I urge to all of u to join as united one nation with secular and democratic nation.

  45. truth is really very hard to realize ……. we realize but now its india turn to realize the truth …….. pakistan govt may show humble attitude ….but it does not mean we will do so always …….in case of attack of v r with our army in every right and wrong. not be so over confident….
    in case of war not only one countory loss but both have to suffered. it may only in favour of 3rd party who want to grasp his root stronger in this area so to be come near to china and also ……………..

    • truth is also unfotunate bro. sani. if u had rised to the occassion and didn’t allowed this to happen, by pressurising pak. govt. to hand over deemed terrorist like hafeeze, azhar etc. every bdy knows where dawood lives in pak.. the civil society wants to support right and wrong of isi and army. i think, world may loose faith in pak. and india in particular. nobody likes war, and india will be also reluctanly going for war. i hope there is no third party involvement. let me also add that it is during kargill nawaz sarif went to US to save pak. it was musraf who involved US in backdrop of indian parliament attack to save face of pak. we are independent nation and independent forign policy. we have not supported iraq invasion.

  46. aslamo alikum
    Is India making a right decision for going on War?
    meray khayal ma india ka asal maqsad koi or ha dunia ka samny wo jang k adhong racha raha ha
    amrica chata ha india apni army afganistan bhaj da or khud wahan sa nikal jay india apni jaan churrana chata ha or yah dhong racha raha ha .
    india kbi pakistan par attack karny ke galti nai kry ga

  47. According to my opinion,India is a nonsence playing in the hands of US and his dog israel.but one thing india should remember,It will pay very big price for any bullshit.Pakistan is not Iraq and afghanistan and india is not US.
    It’s a 3rd world country,millions of people living below the poverty line,millions donot have shelter,millions sleeping on the footpaths,billions of women doing sex bussiness to support their famillies.half of the indian nation is gey.
    Hey ….india you want me to show more of your face.and still you are acting as a developed nation ……….shame on you.

    • malik, are u talking about pakistan, who is living on arabs and american thrown bread. and, they are having fun with pak. womans day in day out. ur illinfomed , rotten element very cynical about india. perhaps u are not having very good opinion about ur own female folks. shame on u and all of pak. who suppose to go after terrorist, they are hiding behind terrorist. ur army is proven impotent in 1965 ,1971,and 1999.

    • Malik, you have been mistaken to understand the situation of India. India doesn’t need to be one of the dogs as Pakistan seems to be of China. India has 4 th largest GDP and hence even if India goes for a war with Pakistan due to its irresponsible behavior then India can take on the huge war crunch even in the period of Depression but Pakistan is going to be ripped of root………and you also have been answered of your attacks 3 or 4 times

      So, don’t worry about India (the largest democracy) we the people of India will take care of it. You just try to protect your country which is just a piece of rotten land !!!

  48. Salam,
    Question arises why India is creating such a huge and useless tension and pressurising the Pakistani government?
    Well my believe is that answer is hidden behind the two main possibilities……..
    1)If indian gov is involve in Mumbai blasts,the reason is very clear “if u remember my friends Obama recently announced the former American president Bill Clinton as a minister of occupied Kashmir,which happened for the very first time in American history since Kashmir is occupied,which proves that new American gov might be serious or up to extent they are willing to raise or solve the Kashmir issue seriously,which India really fears.That is why India has planned this conspiracy to make it issue later and to put the world’s attention on Pakistan and India has now got the future platform to avoid the Kashmir.
    2)Second possibility that India might not involve,then why without evidence they are blaiming Pakistan hmmm……..Now i’d like u to turn the future pages.Probably by the next year Indian national elections are coming,and this incident will be just like a black spot on the face of present government.Just to clean that black spot Indian gov is creating such a enviornment by giving bias and false statements to gain the sympathies of Indian people(future votes:) ) and turning their aggressions and mind towards Pakistan by blaiming…like always.
    So what is conclusion that in both above cases India will be beneficiary (InshAllah not don’t worry!) by proving them innocent cow and Pakistan as a cruel butcher.

  49. i believe India is not making the right decision to go on war because it will not benefit India but it will benefit the other country
    many innocent people will be killed… other then that India did attacks in Pakistan near the Baluchistan region… how come Pakistan remained silence and when the attack in Mumbai happened they started barking….
    India is because its in pressure from the countries… its one of the worst step that India will take.

  50. first of all all u fkin indians tht are against Pakistan
    and think India is way ahead of Pakistan and they are gonna own pakistan well guess wht u retards Pakistan can easily blow the shit out off India in 10 minutes , India will be off the map

    The time off and army going to war wit another army is over now
    its the century of Nuclear bombs (nuke or be nuked)
    how bout tht
    and still ure army is the third largest IN THE WORLL but still its NUMBER 1 ONE THE MOST COWARDLESS ARMY IN THE WORLD

    Fcke India and Fck the pple tht are against muslim religion go bath yourself’s u fkin indians wit cow shit and while your at it
    go fck your statues in ure temples

    • you say u r muslim, if this is character of ordinary muslim in pak. than, allah can’t save u from qayamat.this is religious site and, if this the way people behave in pak. ,than i must advice u that u need good doctor. i am very much happy that ordinary muslim in india more cultured than in fanatic, illinformed, rotten pakistani and claim they are muslim.

  51. Hi All,
    Issue is not a war,our leader are making it for their political agenda both in India & Pak. There will be no war becuase leader dont talk about war before war…if this was a case India would have taken action on 27th Nove.

    Now issue is if those terroris were pakistani or not..?

    From Governmrnt source it has not been proved yet but again as I said we cant trust our Govt. both Pak and India.

    Now take footage from Media.. Geo Tv thay have been to the villege of Kasab..and Nawaz Sharif accepted in his Interview but then made U-turn.

    It will be in the interest of Pakistan to dismantal those terrorist org. elase Pak will be next hub for them like afghanistan.Be realistic think about it or this could happen in Pakistan what if you see people dieing on street.So dont be emotional be pragmatic.

  52. I am a Hindu and an Indian.

    I DON”T WANT WAR because it doesn’t solve he problem.
    Terrorists will be there even if India defeats Pakistan. It is not Pak that India is against but the terrorists and those who train them.

    Pakistan should stop (if they are… that is…) training terrorists.

    I am not for any 3rd party between us. Both of us (we were brothers to start with) loose because of the war. America stands to gain. Remember US made Pak fight Afghan. They are nobody’s friend. Most defnitely not Pak’s.

    Our economies will crash. More so for Pak as they are in a worse state to start with.

    I do not hate Pakistanis or Muslims. In fact I prefer Muslims to Christians. But I am not a fanatic. I am of the impression that most Pakistani Muslims are not fanatics but they are not heard.

    Several comments made above regarding India makes me sad. But I belong to a tolerant nation and will try to be worthy of it.


    • hello brother i m pakistani and a muslim
      i m very much impressed by ur brotherhood and loving remarks: may all indins and pakis should think like you, but we suffer only by the fanatic groups rooted in india and pakistan both:politicians of boh the countries should think 100 times before declaring war! both r nuclears: if there is no india or no pakistan who they will govern! on both sides these r the motherfuckers who had ruined indo pak
      i salute the people like u ,in india and in pakistan

  53. I pray to Allah, Jesus and Krishna to bring peace between us BROTHERS. Shall we help them by stopping racist comments, please…

  54. i am surprised by the way in which pak. was able diversed the real issue of terrorism to war. nobody talking for war. pak. donot want to address the real enemy within, that terror outfit. they are perhaps not in control of pak. it will dig the foundation of pak.. pak. should take help of india to destroy the same. but ,pak. army may not like to counter the outfit they have created.

  55. i am surprised by pak. able diversed the core issue of terrorism. they donot want to look within. it seems to me that , army was able to project pak. people , india is real enemy. but it is terrorism and USA is there real is written on the wall that terrorism will dig the foundation of pak.

  56. hi i am sushil from Pakistan and would like to appericiate both of comments because i think this is the way hat we can maintain our good relations for long terms indeed i’d say forever.

  57. i am a muslim how grow up around a multicutral area and hearing about the war between india and pakistan is not worth it. this is what the taliban people want a war between two amazing countryies and were sitting aside allowing it, my question is who the hell controls the countrys them or the presendents, if the presendents do, they need to think really hard, were letting them win, if both countrys work 2gother they can sort this out but NO, they choice to start a war and continue to kill innocent people, to me both countrys are lacking comunication and what are u showing the world, the same as what bush wanted weldone because your achieveing it clap clap.

  58. Hello Sensible Readers
    Everybody is worried about the tense situation between India and Pakistan.All this has momentarily thrown cold water on the years long efforts to establish brotherhood between the two Nations.I am a Pakistani Geo-Scietist living in Canada.I have so many friends from India here.They are so nice , always welcoming and eager to help any time.Should we suddenly start hating the next door family friends simply because they are from India or pakistan?No way…..!
    All this happened because some senseless bloddy fools,the war mongers on both side of the border are stimulating the Democretically elected Governments for starting the war.
    Today Terrorism is the beggist enemy thats killing our very roots.
    Let’s file a Peace Petition signed by all the peace loving people of the world to ask the Politicians on both side of the border to cool down and focus on wiping out terrorism once and for all.It’s never too late.
    Together we ca do it…. “YES WE CAN”
    The Concerned

  59. bro. mohmud, thanks for for ur balanced view. as ur staying out ur country , and having met no. of indians, must have seen warmth of assessment is, the weak pak, govt, need to take the help of india to root out the terrorism. perhaps pak. army/ isi won’t allow this thing to happen. it is in the interest of pak.,she should forcefully throw the historical baggage.

  60. HI,

    • ZEESHAN ,it is good to be patriotic, but u have to realistic also. donot overestimate the capability of pak.. the economy is on brink of collapse. inflation @ 25%. only mfg. terrorist won’t add up ur GDP. THE GROUND REALITIES HAS TO TAKEN INTO CONSIERATION.PAK. CAN’T BEAT WORLD OPINION.

    • Hi my name is Muhammad Ali-ul-Haq …… hey u think if india and pakistan fight and thing …i think ur the idiot person in this world i am sorry if i discriminate both countries india and pakistan…. india and pakistan both are fools this both countries should sit down and compromise and find out good solutions for on how to destroy the Terrorism.i hope this indopak brotherhood be back together!

      • muhmad ali,
        i am happily agree to the fact that both are not so rich, that they can afford the war. i urge to all peace loving muslim of pak. to come forward, and help india and pak. to root out the terrorism .the saudi foreign minister rightly said that terrorism is cancer and it has to cut it out.

  61. Every one knows that certain elements in Pakistan is playing a dangerious game especially in the armed forces which helps them to be in the centre of pakistani politics. But the current leadership of the army is not as savvy as Late Zia Ul Haq or the conditions the same. Pakistani civil society is slowly becoming irrelevant. Geo tv could operate from dubai but what about the millions of Pakistanis who want to live in freedom and prosper.
    Across the board there is failure of leadership of moderate elements the vast majority. People who celebrate should remember that India with all its failings is a multi cultural , vast and resilient nation. The cauldron that is systematically brewing in Pakistan may have the test effect on India. First it is Pakistan that is going to suffer and get talibanised. may be many of you who can afford may cheekily be in in exile in India but more worrying would be the grand design of these elements whose real aim is take over of West Asia. Frankly, today every Pakistani is suspect in the middle east and rightly so though most of them are hardworking and equally good or bad as other nationalities. I have large number of friends from Pakistan and knows the warmth and friendship of theirs towards others. But it is the determined minority if not checked would destroy Pakistan as a nation and would use the improverished and indoctrinated youth to mount their final campaign for their prized catch Arabia. The myopic leadership in all countries of India, Pakistan and others should understand what is at stake. The critical role can be played by Pak Army which donning the non existant nationalism is destroying the very fibre of a modern and prosperous Pakistan contributing to the modernisation and claiming its rightful place in the community of nations especially in terms of being a force in the Islamic world for the good.

  62. i think every1 know y everybody talk about only terrorist!cuz they think islam teach it but it’s wrong!!there is only 1 country who realy wanna war between 2 counry india n pakistan that i m sure everybody know who’s!anyway i think india n pakistan should understund the intention of that country!

    • yah all muslims are waste .. go kill ur selfs all one day pakistan will be india mark my work. pakistan has no electicity, gas, or patrol you people are dieing in no time so just go suicide and let india take over you people. pakistan is same position as it was in 1947 and it will be like that as long as you terrotists are there.

      Jay Kali Mata
      Jay Hind

  63. i think the civil society is irrelevent today. the pak. democraticaly elected govt. is weak and afraid to take on its army/ isi.what surprised me that inspite of no. of proof given by india, USA, AND UK, THE PAK. GOVT. FAIL TO ACT. i am sorry to say that the india reserve the right to take action , which she fill is appropriate. as , i fill we are of same gene pool and killing each other will serve no purpose. i ask all peace loving pakistani to come out in open to support india to destroy the cancer of terrorism within pak.

  64. 1. How can you say that India has not given proof. What proof you need. Pakistan is not accepting that the captured terrorist is even pakistani even when his father has accepted that live on tv. Way a joke this is, government will tell people that who are their kids and who not.

    2. DNA test will officially prove that if Kasab is a ctually a son of the person who publicly accepted it. I am sure here that Pakistan would even not provide the blood sample for DNA test. they will give some irrelevant logic.

    3. Even some captured Lashkar leaders have accepted that they were involved.

    India does not want a terrorist Pakistan, but they want a developed Pakistan free of terrorists. Just imagine where your country would be after 10-15 years, you want more terrorists in your country or want your nation to become more prosperous.

    If any of you out here don’t agree with me, please reply back to me on my emaiil id.

  65. all indian and pakistani peoples are good but politions are bad they just playing with hearts and mind kick them asap.dispatch them in hell with lot s of hate.

  66. i being and indian love my country but its high time that we people are making fools of our selfs by supporting our politition as they are the killer of our country and the people coming through the seas and attacking our mumbai doesnt make sense its not pakistan but our own indian killing indian so time to wake up and stop blaming other countries as we have failed in giving and showing any proof that there was pakistan hand in mumbai attack.

  67. if some peoples r involve in this act so y all we suffer war coz of some peoples so please dont try to encourage just strong ur law in forcement and army to defend our borders and our nation

  68. i think indian’s may loose patience and invade pak. for sake of defending there citizen from getting attacked by pak. sponsored may be nuclear war and we are prepared for it.don’t black mail india for ur nuclear war head. we can finish war in hours. this is last oppoutunity lies with pak. and they have to follow up the proof given to pak. perhaps this sound like warning but this is need of hour or there will be no tommorrow for pak.

    • Are you saying Indian has the power to control the fate of Pakistan.. Brother lets look at something
      Do u think India will ever be able to do anything if Allah doesnt let it happen.

      Jisay ALLAH rakhay usay kon chakhay…

      This comment is made just to let u think about ur comment that no one has any power to do anything if ALLAH never lets it happen.
      Thus, if ALLAH will let India attack Pakistan then that is a war situation but thinking that India can do everything is wrong thinking.

      Now lets talk about war between both countries. If ALLAH wills you never know that muslims from both India and Pakistan come together and make all other religions disappear. Secondly, we on iMuslimz never want any kind of war between anyone but if we will ever talk about war it will never be between two countries it will always be between Muslims and other religions who are try to destroy Muslims.

      Thirdly, when the attacks took place everybody said Muslims did it… they didnt not say people who are ignorant/unstable/mental did it. Because a Muslim never kills any other human being because its not allowed in Islam.

      Fourthly, even if someone did it you never blame their country or religion you always blame their parents who never taught them the right stuff. Thus, who ever did the Mumbai attcks were stupid/retard and have no real teachings from their parents.

      Last but not least, India and Pakistan are two big nations and as we know no Muslim ever goes on war, the war between these 2 countries will never take place.
      And if it does take place it will be because of some other religions/retard/mental people who have not been taught the right stuff through their parents.


      • thanks, for balanced reply. it is the god only going to punish the wrong doing of mumbai attack. talking to ur sick mentality that muslim can come together to finish the other religion is very heartning. this show the common man in and also learned person likeur self has sick mentality in pak.. as our indian way of life, mostly secular has created space for largely non hindu like muslim ,sikh, christian, budhist, parsis etc. and let me assure u that it will be last resort for war between secular india and islamic pak. for ur last statement, although iam hindu i fill like saying ameen. good saying in any religion is acceptable to an indian.

  69. as this is the islamis sight and in english , i thought i may come across highly educated lot of pak.. but instead ifound that people still living in 17 th century and having the view of spreading islam to india and across the globe. looking at today’s scenerio it is highly improbable. the islam spread across sub continent was because of sufi’s from iran and turkey. as we are getting into 21st cent. people in islamic world barring turks, don’t won’t to progress. this is general feeling across the world. i hope this won’t anybody sentiment.

  70. Hi, the team member……this is your web site….and I believe that u r the one of intellectual person in Pakistan…..if u are? This is the answer of you third explanation……you are saying that the parents are responsible for this….! But not the mullah who thought him to kill innocent people…? But not the Pakistan who provided them sea help (ship etc.) , not the land of Pakistan where they trend., not the Pakistani illegal manufacturer of guns and bombs,
    My Friend…. in Mumbai attack Muslims also died(khuda ka banda )…..?, tell me the single person who is International terrorist but not the Muslims, the whole world is disturb because of Muslims terrorist. This is not I am saying ….please do visit the world news server you will find the truth…
    You believe is Allah and .then Allah has given you brain to understand what is wrong and what is right. People like you who have a brain.., should educate the people against the terrorism….but insipid of accepting the fact you guys are against it? and reality you guys are
    and regarding attack if you can see Indian media please watch the comment of HINDUSTANI MUSLIMS they wanted to be the first person to hang KASDAB and our HINDUSTANI MUSLIMS MULLA’S didn’t allowed those Pakistani terrorist to cremation. If you are a Muslim and believe in Allah then keep your hand on kuran and demit that no Muslims were evolved in this attack. Their was no Pakistani ISI enrolment in this attack……, brother guys like you if start writing this kind of comment on screen then what will be the others Pakistani mentality.
    I still have a hop on people like you should come on front and fight against terrorist. Not with the gun but with power of writing.


  71. to, bro. sandeep and team member of imuslim,
    this could have been intellectual muslim sight. ‘i’ stand for intellectual. it seem to me that they have religios agenda of so called uniting the muslim from both side and prevent war. perhaps they donot know that ordinary indian muslim are more cultured and aware of this propaganda. i would like to know the status of millions of muslim went from india during partion. why there leader has to run away to UK for poltical asylum. people living in karachi mainly muhajir has to keep assult rifle to protect them self from other muslim[ pathan]. if u can protect life of ur fellow muslim in pak. than only allah is going to help state called pak.. i must advice the team member please look within and do some soul searching.

  72. Hi asalam o alikum all hindustani and pakistan people

    Im from pk my all county people like indian people here im noe see any time one person he aginst the india so i belive mubai attacks
    Involved groups are india inner areas here also confirm indian muslim is leave very poor condition like job secrity relgion protection and azat abru for indian muslim women so im request all hindus people plz favour all muslim s and repect give fredom for every one so as well as indian govt and exterme hindus people i appeal our s are all human plz give favour and give rights even all livings muslim so inshallha all country all muslim with ur anemy our anemy so thanks indian people i love u khuda hafiz
    From one pakistani
    Rehan qazi

  73. Hindustan zindabad
    Pakistan zindabad
    Its very deeply msg neigbours are allways leave there so way im protest aginst u and me so its amrican agenda he wants more force
    About asia aginst china rushia i advice hindustani govt usa is always fooling india paikitan usa wish all dispute probleum always still held because tahts way our contries purchase elimations necular deal plz thought is its maoney if im expense my poor people my and ur coutry is give more force our people isd forcing its my actual force so plz think about it bye
    Khuda hafiz
    Just human
    Rehan qazi from pakistan

  74. Hi rehan, somebody passes you a wrong message that Muslims are not happy, and Muslims ladies has been raped in India by other community. Its hard core lie…… in India has more Muslims then Pakistan has. Even more then any Asian countries. my friend i am also working in a private firm even I don’t have any job security….but still I am working…,i am not blaming other for this neither Muslims are blaming in India…! We have 60% of Muslims in reporting profession. in India we love our hero’s who is Muslims, directors who is Muslims, Muslims are in every profession in India. Have you ever been to India if not then please do visit to INDIA then make any comment.
    Please read this….. Recently we welcome a guest from Pakistan who came after 26/11 attacked. 31/12/08 who had a serious back problem our Indian doctor operates him and now he can at least seat. We saw his interview. Now talk to the comedians who cam to India and had a good and warm welcome from Indian people. But imagine in one hand you (means Pakistan)send this kind of people and in other hand terrorist how can you justify this. We are not in a fear weather you have a nuclear bomb or not…even we have the same may be stronger then you guys but we know the impact the same. we are responsible country we are trying to maintain the peace it doesn’t mean that we are in fear. We will maintain the peace but not on the coast of Indian peoples life. Please see where the problem is …..When these kind of people (terrorist) rising in Pakistan ….there government doesn’t stop them rather given them a support to make them more stronger. Now those (Taliban’s) people only are bombing in Pakistan…. now the situation is not under Pakistan control. My suggestion is to help Indian military to destroy terrorist camps. Then only Pakistan will grow with India and we will both help other countries.

  75. bro. rehman, i don’t want meance the word and say that it is pak. who has started terrorism under zia- ul -haq time. we know that millions people staying india is poor incuding hindus, muslim. sikh. christan and budhist. mind till tommrrow the richest man india was mr. aziz premji of wipro a muslim and proud indian. our former president APJ KALAM [ ROCKET SCIENTIST] MUSLIM AND, BHARAT RATNA equivalent to nishan-e- pak.. so, please don’t lecture on muslim given bad tratement. muslim has most of the right which are not available in most of western country. also, please note that the pak. estab. has accepted that kasab is pak.. please do introspect about the state of pak. heading, and ways and meanig to destroy islamic terrorism which effecting india and pak..

  76. app sub ko mara salam
    whay you all think for WAR
    PAKISTAN INDIA sub ko malom hay kon hum dono
    contry ko lara raha hay ………

  77. Hello everyone,

    I believe we can end terrorism only by destroying the entire mother fucking country by the name “PAKISTAN”, you guys have the most unreliable n untrustworthy government who has no control on the ppl of pakistan nor the army.

  78. God save pakistan, most of you terrorist are uneducated, but wat bout the educated ppl of pakistan why dont you guys ask urself who’s behind the Mumbai attack? Who’s fault Iz it? Why Iz tht pak has no sensible educated ppl to think it or ve the guts to oppose ur gov’s stanz on Ajmal kasab?
    Indian muslims are very much a part of indian society n culture n there is no threat to ur so called insecure muslim bro’s,

    Jagoo pakistan Jagoo!

    Or else jus in case there’s war between india n pak there will be huge cost n casualty and at the end there ill be no country named pakistan instead we ill ve a county full of

  79. We pakistanis are humiliated throughout the world due the deeds of some stupid insane people – the so called Muslim Jihadis.The biggest shame is that even our so called Pak “leaders” have further proved to be takeling up this whole issue immaturely. Instead of facing up this situation bravely our leaders have chosen to provide them cover by repeatedly telling lies and changing statments minute by minute.The coward attitude of these so called rulers during the past several decads have further aggravated the insanity of these jihadis and now they are a great threat to the very existance of Pakistan.Our leaders forgot the famous proverb”NIP THE EVIL AT THE BUD”
    It’s high time Pak leaders stop nursing these “Jihadis” and not only appologise for the troubles caused by the black sheeps inside and outside pakistan but punish them publicly by dragging them alive on the roads so the others get a lesson,while at the same time annoncing that these jihadis are not only the enemies of the global community but also the enemis of Pakistan.
    If this continues unchecked -Pak sarzameen will be just a dark chapter of human history.”TAAREEKH GAWAH HAY KEH JO QOAM JAHAAN BANI KE QABIL NAHEIN HOTI -ALLAH US SE HUKUMAT CHEEN LETI HAY”
    Islam spread to all the countries on the globe because the Muslims by nature used to be always honest,welcoming, friendly to all the people regardless of their religion.colour or race.They used to abide by the universal laws of mutual co-exitance “JEO AOR JEENAY DO”. Revival of that actual Muslim attitude is the need of the hour.

  80. Ur right Rahi,

    Atlast one valid non biased comment on the current issue, ur right its not muslims who are spreading terror but its the anti-muslims who have never understood holy Quran but use its name in spreading terror n violence in the name of allah.

    • well said asif, as this is kalyug as per indian mythology, which say if u urge god almighty with pure heart he has to repond in this age.

  81. akher ku aj sare dunya hum (PAKISTAN) Per ongliyaa otha rahe hia ?
    Akhar kutch hamiyan hum mian bi hia jen ko humen door karna our humare rahnomau ko on hamiyu ko door kara hia,

  82. Asalamu alekum!
    Sab say pehlay may jeo ka shukarya ada karta ho jis nay itni achi web site banai hay ore har aam wa khas ko ijazart hay apni ray denay ki.
    To janab ye jo na ruknay wala silsla hindustan ki taraf say ilzamat ka laga hoa hay ye dar asal in logo ki zuban nahi hay balkay tamam yahuud wa naswara ki zuban hay .May to ye kahoonga k yahud ore hindu kabi b musalman ka dost nahi hosakta .Is par mera iman b hay ore paka yaqeen b hay q k ye bat quran may mojud hay . To q na hum musalman ayk dosray k dost nahi ban jatay .Aaj maloom nahi k musalaman q soo raha hay. Muslmanoo qiyamat ki 1 nishani ye b hay k nabi e akram muhammad (pbuh) nay kaha ta k zamin par na ruknay wala zilziloon ka silsla shoroo ho jayega.
    To musalman bhayoo yahood wa naswara ki addat joor do .Or khuda ki taraf rojoo kar do.Khuda hum musalmanoo ko 1400 sal pehlay ki tarha 1 kar day aaamin!
    Aap logo ka time lenay par mafi chahta ho .
    ( sirf 1 shear arez hay)
    ” talwrain bech kar musalay khared liye hum nay
    Ezatay lut ti rahi or hum doaa kartay rahay

    ************* P A K I S T A N Z I N D A B A D ****************



  83. Bhai Rahmatullah shah Sahab
    App tasweer ka aik hi rukh dekh rahein hein.Yeh jo chaaron taraf se hum par nafrein baras rahei hein ,yeh jo hum ko dhatkaara ja ra hay is ke koi waja to hogi!
    Musalmaan ke lughvi maane kya hein?
    Musalman = Tasleem karne wala(Yani Allah pak ke hukam, Allah ke Qaanoon ke aage sar-e-tasleem kham karne wala)
    Musalman = Salamati Dene wala(Yani jis ke haath jis ke shar se doosron ki jaan o maal o Izzat Mehfooz ho)
    Kafir = sachi baath chupaane wala
    Kafir = sachi baath bhoolne wala

    Abhi aap is kasoti par aaj ke musalamaano ko rakhein….kitne percent is par poora utharthe hein ?
    aaj ke musalmaan se na sirf ghair muslim balkeh khud muslim bhai ke jaan o maal bhi mehfooz nahei.Aakhir kyon?
    Allah ka qaanoon to sirf muslamaanon ko nahein balkeh tamaam insaano,charind o parind ko tahaffuz o salaamati dene ka zaamin he.
    Be adbi muaaf,Yeh hum doosre mazaahib ke perokaaron ko kya peghaam de rahein hein? Yahein keh sirf lambi lambi dhaarhyaan rakhne wale,aor lambe poshaak pehinne wale,masjid jaane wale hi is dunya mein rehne ka haq rakhte hein.Taareekh gawah he keh musalmaano ko apni kushada dili aor insaan dosti ki waja se hi Dunya ke aik barhe hisse par hukumraani ka moqa mila.Kya waja thi keh jab :
    Umre Farooq Baitul muqaddas Pohonche tho Yahood o Nasara ne khud hi un ko sheher ki chaabi paish ki? Nojawaan Muhammad Bi Qaasim ko wapas bulaya gya tho Debal ke Hindu zaar o qataar rone lage?
    Islam hi na sirf humari balkeh tamaam dunya ke mazahib ke baqaa ka zaamin he.
    Bhai Rahmatullah sahab afsos hum yeh sub bhool gaye hein. Hum musalmaano ko hi aage barh kar baghair kisi mazhabi tafreeq ke sab insaano ko dosti aor shafqat ka haath dena hoga warna apne o paraaye sub hum se kinaara kash ho jayengeye.

  84. i cannot belive india is speaking truth about mambai attacks just they are making foolish all world and want to use force against pakistan.but they will never succesful,because still they are foolish.they dont know pakistani people powers

    • u are right qazi they do not know our power when they will know they are gana regret and laugh at themselves india is a dumb nation

  85. QAZI,
    bros. people of pak. like are still in 17th cent.. you are over estimating the so called state of pak.. it will doom well before qayamat.

    • excue me mind ur language india will doom before qayamt not Pakistan, i challenge u that
      mein tu yeah he kenha chao gayee kay india can only blame
      Pakistan that sit, jub bhee india mein koi blast hota hai india Pakistan ko blame karta hai, like jaisy 2006 mein train mein ho tha and india blamed Pakistan lekin phir badd mein pata chal gaya tha kay indi was involved in the bomb blast..india will doom before qayamt..

      • bros. sadaf ,
        please don’t bother about my langauge, today govt. of pak. accepted kasab as pak. and involved in mumbai episode. please look within pak., what a mess created by pak. army ,isi and jehadi. you can’t escape the fact this three were involved. allah is going to punish the perperator and there mentor. may allah bless pakistan.

  86. india will just dream to sweap pakistan so we cannot overcome on india’s dream and in reality you (indian) cant touch us in everyround we are superior . you cannot forget previous wars where we beat you very badly and in 1971 and kargil war we had some international pressure and internally political issues where we step back in both these wars we could have run over you . we are the those who dont let you sleep and our BAHADUR JAWANS are those who dont let you enter into our PAK land since independence

  87. mein tu yeah he kenha chao gayee kay india can only blame Pakistan that sit, jub bhee india mein koi blast hota hai india Pakistan ko blame karta hai, like jaisy 2006 mein train mein ho tha and india blamed Pakistan lekin phir badd mein pata chal gaya tha kay indi was involved in the bomb blast..india will doom before qayamt..

  88. AslamuAlaikum
    absolutely india is doing wrong because war is not suitable for both countries but as a muslim i think if india tries to threaten us of war then we should not be afraid of any threat or anyother political pressure then we should go on to safe our country and to fight for the will of Allah as it is called JIHAAD.

  89. War is not the solution for any issue, always its push more n much back the war effected nations. Pakistan n India r unable to face the situation after war. we both need to improove ourself to crush the poority n unemployement. i would like to request to the higher authorities of both countries that they should work hard to solve hard issues through dialouges n get together.

    i am a Pakistani
    hoping Peace n pleasant enviornment


  90. to,
    imuslimz reader and team member,
    i hope now the pak. govt. has accepted in princple about mumbai massacre conspiracy was hatched in pak., atleast stop mislead the pak. people for not given proof. i hope good sense prevail in pak. civil society and come out clean on every thing. let us start from zero and built fresh realation on the basis of common culture and heritage minus islamic terrorism.

  91. As salaoalaikum w r w b ,
    i am posting my reply on the 13th feb 2009 and till date Pakistan has accepted the involvement and registered a case agaist 5 person and i have no where heard that India is preparing to go in for war on the contrary i have heard that pakistan has started war practise (Dawn news) but if any country goes on war its not a wish but a compulsion and u think although war is not a solution but lets have it once and both the countries face the music and in future never ever try to find solution through war.
    what are the two countries benefitting from the ongoing problems and its time pakistan start solving and punishing the ones responsible for making bomb blast in pakistan itself now due to no action from the pak govt these crimnals have gone very bold.

  92. my request o my brothers sending their post is please frame your sentences well and atleast once what you are posting for entire world is reading what we are posting and beleive me our sentences are not correct many times,plz read some post and you will realize.


  94. Hey bro Ambrish,
    Dont try educating these guys, they kno wats the truth but they dont wanna accept it, god save pakistan! The end 4 you paki’s is not far ur so called muslim bro’s ie warriors of allah( Taliban, al qaida, LET) are BEHIND ur nation n you fools are supporting them, its not bout hindus or muslims its bout human lives, jus think if india starts to think communaly then wat ill happen to all those muslims in india, we treat em as brothers n not as minorities.
    Its high time you pakistanis think bout ur it.
    Waitin 4 some matured comments.

    • bro. arun,
      hi, i am not educating these guys. i am sure they are well educated but with wrong mind set and living in belief indian’s[ hindu] are there enemy no. 1 along with isarel and U.S.. but very fact remain that if u minus jehadi mind set of pak. they are mirror image of india. for instance punjabi muslim share all culture with punjabi hindu and sikh. sindhi of pak. is more of indian than afghan or arabs. let us not forget the founder of india very relunctunly let form the so called state of pak.. it has become migrain for world in general and india in particular. let us hope that good sense prevail in civil society of pak. or taliban will certainly take it over pak., which will be great harm to world and sub continent.

  95. bro., arun,
    hi, i am not educating these people, i am just making effort for realisation. i think they are well aware of situation but there preoccupation of anti indian mind set is not allowing the reality. if they see there image they will find india within. pak. punjabi has common culture with hinus and sikh of our pujab. sindh is more near to indians than to afghan or arabs. they are not accepting reality. i still hope the civil society will stop jehadi mind set, or even allah can’t help state called pak..

  96. imuslimz team member,
    i am not here to teach, educate any body. i am expressing my views. the reality of todays world has to taken into consideration. you have to accept that pak. needs urgent help from world community ingeneral and india in particular. there no shame taking help of india to eradicate terrorism.

  97. now, the pak. is on threshold of talibinisation, they can count indian as true bros. and take help militarily to fight taliban instead of U.S. AND ITS WESTERN ALLIES. the only well wsher pak. is india and belive me everybody hasd used pak.

  98. AsalamuAlaikum,
    I am so glad to see very good comments left by both sides. I am quite sure that India and Pakistan are in no position of another war, but now when it comes to so called Mumbai terrorist attacks, it is very immoral of Indian government to blame others for the problems they have created.

    • bros. talksalot,
      i am surprise, how can u blame india for 26/11 mumbai episode when whole conspiracy was hatched in Pakistan. the problem of terrorism was created by zia and its isi/army along with mullas. i am sure for that whole Pakistan. is suffering along with india. please grow up to the reality. india is strong country and i am sure Pakistan. is not going to survive the onslaught of taliban and other terrorist group.

  99. Pakistan and Taliban hand in hand, ceas fire signed? God wat Else Iz gonna happen?
    I dono why the Pakistani government is afraid of these militants?

  100. world knows any person slip on bannana in idia the whole india crying that pakistani isi did this so you can understand mr arun there is lot of shit in india so many indian group who wants freedom fron india like assam kashmir etc

  101. Dont know when pak indo tension will stop, there relation was very good in last year, may be there are some person who dont want to say us happy and they are creating problems in our way, if you look at history everything is going fine they start local buses, business, exchanging other business and even sports, and now … ??

  102. Look who’s speakin bout freedom!
    4 ur info the entire issue of kashmir is made worse by you pakistani militants! Do you kno wat was the voters turn out in kashmir last election it was higher than ur entire country, so when my mentally challenged pakistani.

  103. definitly 26/11 was a sad day for indias as well as for the rest of the world, but there are no exceptations that it was self created on the pattern of 9/11. death of police officials is a great loss but why so much hue and cry is not created when naxalites ambush and kill dozens of policemen at a time. in reasent past 39 policemen were killed by naxalites in jarkhand. the claims of indian authorties have always proved falls as in the case of samjuta express where it was first claimed to be handiwork of pakistani militants and then it was proved by bombay ATS that it was done by Hindu extremists. indian govt. should now move towards new and changing world progress and should resolve all issues with pakistan rather than confrentation which gives strength to extremist forces in india an pakistan.the world is changing so should we. thanks

    • see, this is what common folks think about india from last 60 yrs. this type of mindset is embedded into there education and religios teaching. let the mud come out at the forum like this. i wish we could have lived like good brothern, but i fear that there will be very angry and decisive steps will be taken.

  104. We will never be able to rise up , with conspiracies Hatching in between us , Built by our enemies , to weaken us when they come to Erase us from the Map … We should Unite , instead of Fighting and blaming each other.

    , Your Brother in Islam.


  105. since pakistan tested their nuke dont even think about war .pakistan and india both don’t want war .what india say’s that is bullshit. forget about war .because peoples on both side don’t want war and that’s it

    • it is roung desion it isthere internal problem like this cases happens in pakistan many times this time every where happening it is there internal problems by war they cannot solves thes problems

  106. yes, i think india should go for war.even without the war Indians` are having a war like scenario as the crazy jihadis from Pakistan are attacking indians.evry week there will be atleast one bomb blast or some other anti-indian activity performed by them.its time to react,negotiations have nothing to do. as we were discuussing these issues for more than five decades now.we want just to finish it off.i actually feel pitty for my pakistani brothers who are preys of jihad.come on friends………..think what would have been the situation if we were together…………….

  107. bros. rakesh,
    i am sadly agree with u. the mind set of pak. public has to change by media and intellectuals. there education system and religious biased teaching and isi/army anti india propaganda made them so insecured that they are not willing to accept realities. i hope that eventualy they will realise that real enemy is jehadi’s and USA, not the india.

  108. war is not the solution of terrorism so sit together on table and discuss that how we save our world form the devil of terrorism

  109. dear sir/madam
    there is no way to get any thing by power to each other so i think if our leadership have abelty to talk with india should be done.
    otherwise both sids are not sinsear to desolve this problem,

    truly yours


  110. I think that war is a not a solutons in that kind of modren period in which advance techology of missile and atomic engergy tools exists.Atomic weapons war is sourely a result of disaster of both countries including neighbour hood, resulting the death of life.


    Both the countries would make an efforts to sweep out the tension between the these big nations by solving the maters by finshing religious extremity.


  111. No No No…. there is no question abt living Muslims n Hindus togather. Basic of both religions r different. For instant Hindus believe in four cast system n SHOODERS r considered to b the worst one. In Islam all Muslims r equal, Secondly Hindus r not even treating well the Muslims of India then how can v (THE GREAT MUSLIMS) even imagine to live with them in one country. I accept there r many xtreamists in Pakistan ba i m sure this is same case with hindus as well. v were different, v r different n v will b different till THE END. n u know wot i mean by THE END. Muslim belongs to a religion n that is ISLAM while Hindu (or Hinduism )is not a religion, people who had been living in sub continent PAK-0-HIND r called HINDUS geographically. So, every Hindustani is Hindu by geographical means ba evey hindu is not a Hindu by religion bcoz there is not such a religion in this world. ppl who live in India n worship IDOLs shud find out a more comprehansive n proper world for their religion istead of being called HINDU. Anyway got too much to say ba i know its useless caz no one want to understand. that’s y u ppl live ur way n v will live our way till…….. THE END.

  112. aslamo alaikum. we as a muslim want pease for whole mankind.because yhis is best way.and if india like war then we can pray for them.all world know theire history bechary buzdil chooay.

    • using terrorist to fight proxy war, minting duplicate indian currency notes, stealing nuclear tech. from european labs and subsequently exporting to rouge country like n. korea and iran, syria. u will also call this so called ‘MARDANA HARKAT’. GOD SAVE PAK.!!

  113. u can’t give any authorative statement regarding hindu religion. don’t forget ur forefather were hindu or budhist. u have not ascended from heaven.we have fought fanatic islamist and sevived for last 1000 yrs. how can u say that hindu is not religion. the diffn betn muslim and hindu is that we are more tolerant. don’t forget there are more muslim living in india than pak.. and having more vibrant society. we are happy that u people are not living among ourselves.

  114. Well well well……India & Pakistan……two great nations, which were once one…..Separated due to different religions, They cant live together not because of different religions only,but their are many ways, many sacrifices, and some laws can make them live together, They can live outside subcontinent like brothers but not in their own country. The reasons behind it are uneducated people, miss guidance from leaders, Political benefits and many more……. But the main reason behind this scenario is Lack of education between two countries…If at that time British were more educated than us doesn’t mean that now we cannot live like two countries yes only if both countries became broadminded. But no India will never lose any chance to fuck Pakistan & Pakistan will never stop fucking India…..So be it People Think again…..where we stand in this world we have example of many countries who have different religion…..But they respect all religion not like those who destroy Mosque burn QURAN……and after that saying we are tolerant……..Bullshit…pardon my language but if any thing goes wrong in their country first thing blame Pakistan….What do expect from those same like your own mentality but different religion can bear this sacred place to be destroyed. This is just one example there are many more. Not India is more powerful than Pakistan neither Pakistan is powerful than India……. Just think where we stand where??? Who is taking benefits from this ???? we simple people just have hatred for each other why??? Brothers & Sister lets live peacefully and let others live peacefully …….
    Thank you
    Long Live Pakistan.

    • to, jawad,
      i hope imuslim team won,t sensor ur comment because ur muslim. the kind of langauge u used is surely can’t be published on any media. as this site sensored many of my softer view , using descent langauge. this shows pak. educated lot are baised on the basis of religion. i hope u people grow up to extent to listen to criticism of other , than only real democracy will be rooted in pak.. other wise may allah save pak..

      • Aslamoalaikum @ ambrish
        We try not to sensor any comments/suggestions/views but sometimes comments end up in spam area which leads to comments not being published as quick as possible… we respect all views the only thing we want is to solve the problems between these two big nations (Pakistan & Indian), through as peaceful method as possible.

        We encourage everyone to express their views and in well educated manner, sometimes people do use bad language but we really think one day these people will learn from their mistakes and will try to leave educated comments in future or will be listed in spam area by iMuslimz Team.

        Brothers/sisters please use a clean language and leave statements for developing PEACE and not WAR.

        iMuslimz Team Member

      • Actually they don’t sensor any of the comments….They dont know i am a Muslim or Hindu…..I have already explain this is due to uneducated people…who even forgets what is the exact problem is, its not religion….. I think you have not been through all comments….. What do you expect from me when i find out more than half of those comments filled with harsh words by Indians….. you wont say a thing about that i will agree the same thing by Pakistanis as well…but just go through all comments than talk….. I already made my comments that there are many problems between these two nations….& As far as democracy is concern i think if India stop making troubles and feeding those terrorist it is possible…secondly democracy is concern its Pakistan’s internal matter and not regarding the topic……..


  116. to,
    whole world knows who is feedind terrorist, and place from the terrorist originated. this is the real problem between india and pak.. for ur knowlege it was started by pak. army/isi under gen. zia’s regime in ’80s. i know many in pak. wants to get rid of past legacy,but…… till today i have used harsh word but in descent langauge which is universaly accepted. if this site don’t wants to publish the views from other side of the boundary then don’t.

  117. In my opinion the india decision for going on war with pakistan due to bambai blast is totally a wrong decision, and if india did so it would be bluder on the part of india.Logically speaking first of all india have no proof against pakistan regarding the bambai blast.secondly pakistan offerd full support in investigation.
    thirdly if india did so it would be more destructive , it would not be just like 1965 and 1971 war but a nuclear one.It would distrub people of both sides.
    Being a muslim we believe on good terms with neighbour,we try our best to aviod confrontation but if our enemy test our temprament then we have the ability to teach the lessen to our opponent.
    With best wishes(sher shah from peshawar,pakistan)

  118. Dear all!..

    1.India’s decision on war against Mumbai’s Blast?

    Answer: If there is any proven evidence and direct concern then one should take decision about it. Whether its from india and our Pakistan as well.

    2.Would it affect the people living in both countries? To what extent?

    Answer: Obviously it affects for both and there is only smoke seen both the countries no human being found.


  119. Lolzzzzzzzzz…….. Well grow up ppl what r u doing. Btw da topic is should India go for war. I m amazed by da comments da ppl in dis hav been using n specially ambrish. As u said da terriost were made by Pakistan during General Zia’s regime its all bullshit for ur kind info. Dese terrorists were called special soldiers by United States of America 1nce n dey used them 2 defeat russians during war in afghanistan. Now dey hav been given many names Al-Qaeda n Taliban. Does any1 know wat dere motives are they were established 2 fight injustice. US made these organisations they trained thm 2 fight 4 justice but US had other plans dey wanted 2 broke russia into pieces which dey did. Osama Bin Laden was trained by CIA. whn US was successful in dere plan dey wanted 2 wipe of da evidence which dey couldnt since den these organisations are called terrorists. They did da same wit Saddam Hussien dey wanted oil they supplied Iraq wit weapons 2 attack Iran n Gulf countries. Once dey entered Kuwait n started getting oil dey named him a terrorist 2. Uptil nw dey cant prove Iraq has chemical weapons. Its a game plan by US 2 take advantage which is affecting us asians. I cant believe we call ourself educated who hav enough knowledge 2 rectify problems being caused in asia due 2 west. No offence but every1 was born as a human being in dis world . Religion is a pathway 2 survive in dis world. Just think no religion says kill human beings or do bad deeds. Indians n Pakistanis living in da west take care of eachother like brothers no matter wat thr religion is. Grow up ppl dnt act so stupid we r still in da same era whn britishers invaded asia. we fought wit thm 2gether but whn dey left dey created a dispute between muslims, hindus, christians n sikhs. In my point of view kashmir shld b seperated frm both countries as dey r wit no 1. Let thm b an independent country. Our politicians dnt believe thm at all dey are controlled by US n dey shld be called terrorists. Why u think He/She is a Muslim or Hindu cant u c dey are human beings. We all pray 2 GOD but every1 has its own way of showing affection. War effects every1 no matter who wins or lose jus think how west is playing wit our minds. During Bush’s period 9/11 attacks on worldtrade center is a big conspiracy da planes used in it are actually US Airforce planes used for cargo purposes u can search 4 da evidence thr are many videos u can download n u will believe it was planned by US. ppl who brought dis in front of da world are either dead or still running 4 thr lives. We Indians n Pakistanis are nuclear powers n biggest threat 2 US. we dnt think of eachother we keep on blaming eachother our politicians lolz are da biggest culprits u will find anywhr in da world. In India many muslims were shed 2 blood by Hindus did any1 thought why bcoz OF Mr. Bal Thakrey as he is a well respected leader in India. He created da problem of Babri Masjid ppl of India who are uneducated burnt there own country mates 4 no reason its due 2 lack of knowledge. Due 2 dis many innocent lives frm both sides were gone but da politicians dey had no regrets. Dear indian frnds stop blaming Pakistan 4 every thing as we r da same in colour race rest of all we r human beings who look alike. Keep religion 2 survive no 1 has da right 2 kill any1 every1 is equal in di world. Ambrish all five fingers are not equal if Pakistan has ISI India has RAW. India has got many Agencies thn Pakistan wat u think u r saying Pakistan produces terrorists cut da crap. Dese all incidents happened since da Marriot blast in Pakistan even in India ppl knw dat if dis wouldnt happened in Pakistan da Mumbai blasts would never occured so cheer up n pray 4 those innocent lives who are no more here among us. War does not favour any1 it has gr8 effects on normal ppl jus think da richer gets away everytym jus think abt those poor ppl living on both sides who earn bread n butter on daily bases 2 feed thr families. The ppl of both countries hate eachother due 2 politicians as dey play a big part we ppl shld try 2 clear out dese differences if u will follow thm we can never b in peace let thm do dere work it is us who shld try 2 resolve dis problem we look same we hav same features so clear all hatred in ur hearts 4 eachother n pray 4 frndship of these 2 countries so dat we can b proud asians.

  120. bros. shami, thanks for good reply. u have to admit that the pak. is the epic centre of terrorism. the gen, zia had diverted many of funds for mujahudin [ afghan], to teach lesson to india for taking revenge of 1971.i have commented on this blog that we are same gene pool and the diffn betn us the religion. also, the pak. plan to inflict with 1000 cuts has failed to balcanisation of india. the very fact remain that , the same mujahudin along with the pak. based pakhtun and baloch are now dangering the very existence of pak.. it is time that pak. should take help of india with all honesty and interigity. the problem can be solved if not in month but in one or two yrs. the only political party is strong is pak. army. i hope they will do restrospection of there deed.

    • wow………all Pakistanis faults everything is done due to Pakistan…..Pakistan is bad ……………..this you wanna here ambrish, you idiot, how can this bullshit be done that India is gonna help Pakistan. India is the main problem of everything, if India want everything can change, but you Indian you don’t miss any chance to destroy Pakistan…check your media how much bullshit they talk..just only one example for you….. I know i have you to explain ambrish again same facts of India as she never thought there should be two hands for a clap ………

      Thank you
      Long Live Pakistan

  121. i m not afread to all indians . i m only one can fight with all hindus.b couse thay are not peace ful peoples ok . it is not jihahd but i love my pakistan and ilove my islam . i waren to india plz do your on work dont ding ding with us ok
    .i will f…. u all hindus .i have no emonation but i have a emotion of my peapoles and my islam. take care

  122. my father waz a pak ary man but he is not now in this world .but i m alive 4 fight with india . our learders r (gearders) i m a lion .and i want i fight with the sons of kali mata and great khali fighter of wwe.ok take care

    • mr.zubair,
      for ur kind information LION LIVES IN INDIA. the pak. is land of jackals and wolf. i am sorry that ur father is not alive otherwise , u can know what happened in 1971 and 1999. ur army is proven impotent, so please shut up and enjoy ur life at mercy of taliban.

  123. mr. zubair,/ mr.jawad,
    i know that there are many ill informed fanatic pak. will certainy dig the very foundation of pak… that its, u people are revolving around the idea of islamic jehad. ur only thought process starts with anti india[hindu]. india had/ has capability to change many things in this part of world. one day u will have accept the facts that india is not real enemy but it is jehadis and USA.

  124. In my openions the war in the current days is not a game of kids and if unfortunately some country happens to face war just for few days the impact of this war will last long and may be these countries can go 50 year back.So far as India and Pakistan are concerned the both are poor and very poor nation and heavily populated nations not having enough food and water to eat and drink eather.And majourity of both nations can never even emagine for war.There are however some lunatics political leaders in both side dominantly in India who just because of hatered/difference of relegion want to teach lesson to the other nation.But these fullish personals do not actually know the realities of todays war which kils millions of innocent women childern and old age people having no concern to this war of fullish people.And in front of Alah who will be responsible for mass deaths and losses of millions of properties/businesses/educations and ultimate deteriorations of country.Therefor in my openions there sould be some wise persons who must kill such fullish persons demading war, instead of coliding two meager and dying poor nations.

      • islam’s other name is peace n we did’nt want to fihgt
        with any one country n any1 religion so, kindly don’t
        fight with one n other.. i want to clear you something
        that we can not blame the whole naion incurrept if some peopele
        do bad..becoz a currupt person have no religion..he did’nt
        have any relation or religion..ok

  125. india is creating fights and trying to make pakistan bad in peoples mind and i dont like that should go good thank u may god bless pakistan ya allah remat _kar_pakistan _ka_haal _par

  126. exceuse me u noo wht wh0 lifes in india mr.jawaid or abrish u batter not talk like that about people if u say that in front of the people of pakistan they kick ur ass and make a grave for u espeacially mqm guyzs

    • hey you Alex…….i don’t know where are you from but 1 thing i should tell you read properly what we are talking here, and then write your comments in a good words so at least everyone can understand…………. & stop bull shitting for those mqm guys and you other shit. Talk what is related to topic……because of you people other cant live in peace………….

  127. india is not making a right dicision because india never ever can won a war with pakistan it is not that pakistan got atom bom what was happend in 1971 that was different everyone knows india,s consipiracy but anyway i think we should live together as a good friend n neibhour n then we both will be super power of the world we have very talentend people in our contries

  128. to,
    imuslim team,
    it is my humble request to u to change the topic ‘ is india making right decision for going on war?’ to’is pakistan making right decision to support taliban and al-qaeda, and always in denial mode?’… please think for the sack of ur pakistan . india has already let go pak. for its deed at taliban mercy. may allah save pak..

    • why don’t we start a new topic …….How to fuck India…..Pakistan is fighting from these talibans and al-qaeda if not, why all those terrorist acts happening in Pakistan……Its a bullshit that you are saying Pakistan is supporting terrorist, You are a typical Indian who will only think to destroy Pakistan. why don’t you think about your own country…You people are more extremist, you wont deny with the acts if Varun Gandhi, Have you find any Muslim or Pakistani saying bullshit to Hindus or India Officially, Ambrish you thinking of Pakistan too much, think of India, India never got Pakistan….India doesn’t even have guts to fight Pakistan, & stop blaming for those terrorist acts in Pakistan & support to those terrorist by Pakistan…Its All bullshit….You are not coming to the topic, you are trying to get rid of the topic, As far as humble request to Imuslimz team, i request them to change a topic “How To Fuck India” Stop your stupid discussion cz its without evidence its just a emotional comment no logic nothing……………….Allah is saving Pakistan & will save in future InshAllah……
      Long Live Pakistan

      • mr. jawad,
        you idiot u have proved my point that educated people like u are very cynical of india. u don’t take any logical views and values. i could have used the same langauge but since it is a religious site and as indian[secular] won’t abuse the feeling of other religion. how many proof u need to get ur self satisfied that some element read isi/army helping terror in india and afghan., iran and believe me in muslim populated area of china. don’t forget nobody like pak. in this world. so, grow up or u r at talban mercy.

  129. mr. jawad,
    ur asking for what ur doing for last 30 yrs, and the same thing was not been confirmed officially by anybody in pak.. india had / has capacity to fight out the current situation. don’t forget 1971, what happen to pak.. we are asking to dismantle the terror outfit and punish the peporator of the same. yes i am thinking pak. too much ’cause it is pain in neck of india , afghan, iran etc. i request imuslim team they can start what mr. jawad requested.

    • you are just an emotional character,you never has answers those points which i highlight in my views, Did you get what i said earlier and earlier,i think not cz you are just a typical indian idiot who is emotional that’s all……..what all those things you have said in your comments its all bullshit no body knows these things, may be you discover on your own……………you even don’t know the spelling of Taliban and start talking about them, do you know who the are? where they from? what they do? ….you know nothing just herd from media they are terrorist and start debating ……sigh………… well if you wanna start discussing on 1971, don’t forget all other wars …….& remember in wars with india each war Pakistan made a world record of kicking indian ass its in record ,rather those are the largest numbers of indian tanks destroyed in 1965 or the largest fighter planes bombard in 1971 or killing indian soldier mercilessly by hunger in 1999 and many more….Your problem is you don’t have enough knowledge to debit so please stop bullshiting if you don’t know the facts, go get a life ……………… please talk when you know far as my language is concern you indian deserve that as i said earlier may be you have not used any bad language but other indian people did on this very site that why girl first get knowledge then talk… …………………. you people start every thing even war Pakistan never started war with india because we want peace & even on this site indian stated using very harsh language…….You people will start and we will finish as usual. As far as liking is concern All Muslim world is proud of Pakistan do you know this, ahhhhhh you know nothing Many other are as well including china, Korea, Japan..some of EU countries, and these days even USA is helping Pakistan cz even they are understand the exact cause of terror its not ISI/Army Indian are known as the cheapest people on earth don’t forget that…

      Long Live Pakistan

      • mr. jawad,
        we indian are emotional for whole of pak. ’cause we feel still attatched to her. thanks allah for it. if we would have detatched and decisive, we will kick ur bloody….
        and mind it nobody likes pak. u fool. they just want to use pak. for there larger objective.

  130. mr. jawad,
    u idiot get ur self fully equiped with history. ur army is proven impotent. as on today they are sitting idle and let taliban take over swat and nwf and baluchistan. u know why? ‘ cause untill they feel punjab is not thraten they will not act, the most ethnicaly biased army who does n’t care about other region as if they are not part of pak.. this what happened in 1971. the whole 90000 east pak. based pak. soldier was capture along with the territory. it is not ur fault , u were not told by any one. in 1999 , the blunder made by pak. army was sorted by clinton and nawaj sarif. at that time india let go pak.. today also we let u go for taliban mercy . so, shut ur mouth , BAAP, BAPP HI HOTA HEY. DON’T over estimate pak. capability. ur are living on donation of USA AND SAUDI. SO, PLESE apni aukat me raho.

  131. Mr. Ambrish,
    I have read all the comments given by the all participants. Here I would like to add something for your knowledge.
    The very first thing which you and all your nation and country must not forget that we are discusing about the real war not an indian picturised filmy war, where some of idian movie stars will attack on Pakistan and they will concored it.
    Indian army hasn’t got the ability to fight a war that is why your govt always encourage them by different movies, secondly Indian army never get full control on occupied kashmir where some private groups fighting with them, on the cargill war even your army proved that he has got no ability to fight a war, how can you people imagine they will have a ability to fight with PAK Army, if you talk about 1971. Read the history properly and argument on this issue, I m sure, you will fell embarased to argue infavour of Indian army who can not fight a war from the front but can make a conspiracy and attack from the back.
    I would like to remind you another reality if you know, we are those who ruled on the subcontinent for about 1000 years,
    Another thing you people should not ignore that there are more than two dozens separation movements active in your country,
    You even don’t know what happened with your army in Srilanka,
    There are so many other realities, but i think these are enough for you now.
    And still, if you have some dout about your army’s ability than pray for a war then you will see………?
    God may help you people to come out from the imaginatry world, what the movies created in your minds,

    • shoaib,
      i was merely only comment from ur pak. friends. answering ur comment, please go thro’ the history ,nobody except british ruled whole of united india incl. srilanka and mynmar. indian’s are tenacious people and survived with there religious faith for 1000 yrs. what our army strength is, i don’t have take lecture from u people. ur impotent army sending terrorist to fight india instead fighting directly. they are running commercial organisation and eroding whole of pak. wealth along with pak. other elites. ur overestimating the srength of of pak. army.

      • Dear all indians,

        First of all there were four wars between india and Pakistan (1948,1965,1971,1998-99). three of them we won one of them we lost according to mostly resources. the war we lost in 1971 was actually one sided war bangalies wanted seperation thats why it happened but we taught you well on west bank and for Mr ambrish. dear read history of at least last 1000 years in which you will find Mahmoud ghaznawi was the ruler who ruled not only whole india but as well as afghanistan and few area of iran and turkey. Who attacked 34 times on india and 17 attacks are very famous (33 win one lost due to bad weather in winter in Kashmir (old name kalinjar)). regarding united india lolz just a dream which will never come true, u will c in near future. as in the past no hindu ruler ruled over whole india which is currently you have. before muslims rule india was divided into states and every state was ruled by a maharaja and one more thing they were not united thats why defeated by muslims and kutbudeen abak was the first muslim ruler who estbalished an islamic gov on all over india. In the time of Aurangzaib Alamgeer moghuls were not only rulling over india but also some parts of afghanistan.

        So dear pls come out from fools paradise n c the realities of ur country n religion. how muslims ruled over india n whts happening in ur country right now. isnt u r repeating the same mistakes because of that u were being defeated by muslims.

        I tell u what mistakes u people did. divide people in casts. some in low cast n some in high cast. low cast people were very miserable. they were very poor. they had no rights n no justice for them. when muslims started to defeat ur rulers they started given justice to all people, because of this the low cast hindu who were in majourity were emberaced islam n thr are other also things even thr was a time when a muslim ruler Muhammad bin Qassim defeated Maharaja dahir in sindh and the pandit of sindh become muslim bcz of his character.

        so same mistakes u repeating now. wht r u doing wid minorities. no justice for them still in this 21st century u have cast system thr is no rights for them in every parts of society they r the cheepest people. whr r u indians standing just look at ur self thn talk about war which u never can win n remember majority parts of pakistan are wariors as from history the rulers of india were majority from Pakistan and afghanistan. n Inshallah we will repeat the history we have no unjustice with low cast or minorities (althoug thr is unjustice between rich and poor but not between casts or minorities) so we are more stable than u.

        dear indians thr is a group who is ruling over india who r not eligible to rule over india ur rulers are the pupits the master minds are behind them (if u analyze bombay attacks deeply then u can find those faces) come out from dreams will be better for u.
        we can fight against terrorists but u can’t as it is proved that in bombay attacks u could’t handle only 11 people n u had to get help from south african and israili commodos.

        thanks i hopt u got it.

        suhaib afzal usmani

  132. Hi,
    will you off your ass now! War with the “HUNGER” people are running for homes they don’t even have food go do somthing.
    You could dream later. Stop showing attitude.

  133. Indian can not face the brave soldier of pakistan n brave people as well otherwise india must attak to PAKISTAN, indiaa is so much afraid the power of brave PAKISTANIES

  134. yes yes the poll creator is a foll to make such things……India and Pakistan are not developed India may but Pak……..i dont think so it has got nice people mainy but not all as the same in india but have you people ever thought that countries like USA France or UK might be laughing on us well then why is it soo that foreigners consider Indians and Pakistanis as sme in their countries? i blame the poll creator to do such things which make people angry

  135. you knew guys you should say that india is stupid or there r fool just say there are f*ck as*holes!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • India has a feeling that Pakistan is now going to be weak day by day. But they are actually underestimating us . Pakistanis are Brilliant and they can do what they want. we are responsible and have atomic power more than good as they have . Are they in fantasy? They could not realise what will happen if they made any stupid mistake. I think you all people know what I mean!!!

  136. Of course India is not making a right decision for going on war with Pakistan due to Mumbai blasts.they have not solid proofs against Pakistan.they only want to attack Pakistan and they are looking for a chance.India can attack on Pakistan because it knows what is the condition of Pakistan. some people in Pakistan want to destabilize Pakistan they are may be pakistani but not muslims. In which some of our political leaders and rulers are also included. pakistan is at very critical condition but if india attacks on pakistan our forces will face them bravely.but both countries would be destroyed greatly.







  138. I agree brother what ever you are saying, but there must be something done which in peace and harmony between these two countries. If complete harmony comes between Pakistan and India good business and developmental activities can be taken place and I think if only Pakistan, India and China start a good trade, then all these three countries dont need any one else. Pakistan and India both wants peace and good relations but there is some one third person operating to disturb there relations so Pakistan and India must do something themselves to bring peace and harmony so that there resources must not be wasted much more in defense sector.

  139. i believe the world is detiorating day by day. all governments are worried about is war, armies, ammunition. they seem to forget the thousands of people dying of hunger and needing shelter in their countries.
    they fail the hopes of these people. after all a government is meant to govern its country. not spend all of its time organising the murder of soldiers and of innocent civilians.
    They dont seem to realise that if the west was not involved in what occurs between india and pakistan. then there would be peace.
    Yes i believe its these western countries causing the tension between what were once two countries at peace. each at their own. Respecting one another.
    The west seem to be getting what they want. they want this war so both countries ask for help. and so they can come and take over when this happens. they want our resources.our beautiful lands and the control over our people.
    Maybe, instead of fighting one another we shud fight against this absoloute treachery.

  140. Thanks to all to have some what discussion about problms like this one.
    Beside this you all should not forget that you all are human not animals, so donot behave like animals specially sandeep and usman. we should give respect to each other. 
    Is India making a right decision for going on War with Pakistan due to Mumbai Blasts????
    1.The answer to this is that everyone knows what pakistan can do.
    2. It was indian current govt drama to have issue like this to govern again as the  Bush have in 9/11 and he was elected by the fool amaricans again. it will be  regarded as just like 9/11.  The indian are so loyal to their country issues that they can easily be cheated and made fool by rulling party.
    3. Indian is not our enimy. they are looking towords the signals of others. India  just “katputli”.  there are some people which are going to misguide them. India also have nice citizen like sundeep.
    4. As for as some which are thinking about the power of  Pakistan, so those people i would like to say that “ITS BEY AND YOUR IMAGINATION”. and dont think about ist limits. we have defeated those which can’t be defeated by the super power USA.
     5. Everyy one should know and keep in mind that if pakistan was distroyed nothing will remain in this world.

  141. india is making a big mistake if she desite to attack PAKSITAN. She face  the wariors of world “PAKISTAN ARMY” and she runs away like a donkey.

  142. hi
    i think its time for both countries to get real and stop being stubon and selfish and think about a peoples and problems in their own country and take peoples out from poverty and illetracy  insted worry about war. i would say stop playing a blame game just be a friends and sort out the issues  like  civilized peoples.

  143. aslamoalikum yeh hindustan wale jang k  nai nai tareqa nikal rhE hain in ko do waqt kroti i milti ni or jang krne k nai tareeq muslim pay apna rha hain.hum muslman 1 hain koi is mulk ki taraf male ank se bhi deke to us ki ankan nikal dain ga.hamain chaye k is mulk k liye har waqt dua go rahain

  144. indian govt & people both have two faces, when they tak with us they pose as to be good friends of Pakistan, and when they talk on the dispute they are the worst enemy of Pakistan.
    We want peaceful solution but India does not, consequently, we shaould get ourselves ready & prepare for expect agression from India. 

  145. no. India should realized the region facts, & should keep peace arround the region & whole the world. Indian should keep the peace dialogues.  It is better for both country’s people.

  146. India doesnt know what is he doing. He should open its eyes to see the side effect of war. this is not a time to be emotional but to be worried about their nation. 
    If they wana war then do with their politicians ,who are ever ready to spoil  the nation. 

    were all human and made by god.we are all equal.i encourage? muslim pakistanis to stop hating even if indians hate you back you dont want to be like them.stop hating learn to live with eachother. message from a Insaaniat

  148. India  should realized that Pakistan is a Islamic Nuclear Assets in there hands so be aware of that all time in there mind before blaming on any cause. but unfortunatly we havent got the right leader ship to represnt the real image of Pakistan. But we have a GOD Gifted power by Almighty Allah.

  149. inda kay sath jant karni mulk har dapa huma challang karta hi.isko apnay challang ka mu tor javb dana chaya

  150. salam.first it is very very difficult to wage war against pak.if india done it would be a disaster for both.

  151. my opinion is that war is more dangrouse than our position because both  sides will destroy it due to nueclear war and i think india and pakistan will not start a war.

  152. Asalam elekum all my brothers and sisters

    leave it what sandeep is saying or what john is saying. we are muslims brothers and sisters try to know your values, those values what you are known for in the world. what is that, its the best codes of treating others. my bro and sis v have killed these values and burried them. peep in to ur own collar, and ask ur self are v trully following the foot steps of prophet and the sahaba.


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