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If you are still unable to watch online GeoTv Entertainment live then online server may be too busy or your Internet connection is not good enough to watch GeoTv live online stream. Thanks.

You can watch FREE Geo Tv, Geotv Entertainment Live and Online on this page. Geo Tv Entertainment contains Dramas, Comedy, and other very special programs. You will need to know Urdu in order to understand th language. GeoTv Entertainment is one of the best Paskistani channel on Satellite and you can order it from any satellite provide.

Geo Tv Website is
Please also note that doesnt exist at the moment and is not Geo Tv’s website.

To watch Jeo Tv News you can always visit TV Channels section and most of its programs are dedicated to News discussions.


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  1. salam 4 all PAKISTANIES and pak forses phale to jang nahi honi chahiye lekin ager jang to insha allah PAKISTAN ke liye me sub se age jaonga ye mery khuwaish hai and sub baqi PAKISTANION ki bhi ki bhi hogi insha allah

  2. agar koi chahay bi tu kush nahi kar sakta kun kay sab us kay haat main hai agar koi us say kisi ko sharik karay ga to wo mushrak hai

    • Dear Geo you are the people with your own or foreign agenda? because when it come destabalize any government in Pakistan you do what ever you can. But whe it comes to national interests and security you are criminally quiet? For example Talban who are killing people in savat destroying school, terrorism in whole of Pakistan you are not doing much to expose these people as you did in removing pervaif musharaf or reinstating Iftikhar chaudhry.You dont expose role of religious parties , who are behind taliban like JUI, Jamate islami etc.Please do som thing as vigoruosly as you did to remove mushrrraf or pu justice back.Pleas speak and uncover these people working against pakistan like taliban.Other wise they are getting in gradually they will beheaad your boses and kamaran khan, Meer, Shahaid masood or thier ….Pleas open your mouths bravely against these elements.History is repaeting dangers are nocking at our doors an we are busy fighting (zaradari and sharif) and making pakistani people against army.Please do some thing educate peopel about these talibans they are risk to Pakistan…..i will only tust you if you do some in real pakistan interest.Di you want that 50000 taliban controlling pakistan, Pakistan is going in to civil war due to these people.If you tell people reality about these ignorantt talibans you can save paklisan But you will not do this because you dont have agenda which will save pakistan from unrest .You will alaways participate to create unrest in pakistan.


  4. i want to say geo ko ek taaleemi ka chennel bhi khol lena chahey jis per different topics per lecture dey jaen take students ko bhi koi faida ho or us per intelligent students ke interviews dekhaen or jo students ache debater hein painter hein writer hein etc un ke karname bhi manzire aam per laen take un ki hosla afzai ho sake.hamare mulk mein ya to singer ya phi actors famous hote hein .

  5. I am fan of Shabnam Robingosh. I would like to participate in a show to be arranged in the honour of these super stars

  6. A’salam 
    Brothers and sisters if you guys have never noticed Pakistan use to be India. As of what im trying to say is that we are naighbors and we should get along what ever has happned in the past is not our problem we should try to create peace between our two countries and treat it like one country. I am a Pakistani but when ever i go somewhere people always ask me are you Indian YES, but I am from pakistan. The only thing that stands in our ways are our religions, thats how pakistan and india became there own sepreate countires.

  7. i am trying to watch geo entertainment live but from any website and even from the geo website i cant see this .this problem is from 1 year!!!! somebody tell me what is the matter???? why its not working???? hello!!!! i need reply fron the team geo.                                                                                                               thanks


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