Watch Huda Tv Online – Islamic Channel

Watch Huda Tv Online – Islamic Channel

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Since its inception, television has fascinated viewers worldwide and statistics show that the average family watches 3-5 hours of programming daily. As such, television is recognized as the ultimate means of captivating audiences and influencing social trends. This observable fact has prompted a proliferation of satellite TV channels whose number now exceeds 5000 channels broadcasting in a diversity of languages. Huda TV’s founders see the opportunity to not only produce family oriented programs as a wholesome alternative for viewers ; but also to define and represent our own culture rather than leaving it to western “media engineers” who, aside from a few, are themselves grossly biased and misinformed.

Huda is not a “religious” channel as religion is defined in the west; rather it is a window allowing viewers a glimpse into the daily lives of 1.2 billion Muslims who inhabit every corner of this planet which we all share. Islam is a comprehensive way of life which does not bifurcate spiritual and secular matters; therefore, what is perceived as “religious” in western terms is seen in Muslim societies as simply the natural order of life for mankind. We hope to contribute to the collective global efforts of our scholars and advocates by conveying our message of humanity, understanding, devotion, and assurance to our target international audience of non- Arabic speaking Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


To become a source of reference for individuals, organizations, and governments seeking to understand Islam’s pristine teachings free of cultural adaptations and biases. Huda also hopes to expand to include presentations in the French and Spanish languages. Moreover, and above all, is our most ardent aspiration to fulfill our duty in conveying the monotheistic message of the Creator of mankind as revealed to our Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him.


* Presenting authentic rulings (Fatwas) issued by qualified scholars who are unanimously recognized by the Muslim community.
* Responding to statements from internal and external elements that accuse Muslims of disbelief and seek to promote deviant concepts.
* Advising Muslims who are minorities in non-Muslim countries on how to productively interact with fellow citizens of other persuasions.
* Providing a forum for Muslim women to express their ideas and talents in all fields and allowing them to dispel misconceptions regarding their esteemed role in today’s society.
* Producing edifying programs which will serve as a means to promote good morals and spiritual development.
* Invite scholars to lecture on the history, art , and formal sciences of Islam which will benefit beginners as well as advanced students.
* Acquainting viewers with the vast Muslim world, its belief, heritage, and culture.


* Reaching consensus as regards to the types of programs selected for airing.
* Accentuating commonalities and minimizing counterproductive comments which detract from our efforts to foster understanding between Muslims themselves as well as non-Muslims.
* Referring to the original texts of the Quran and Sunna accepted by all Muslims; not restricting ourselves to any particular school of understanding.
* Recruiting talent from the broad spectrum of races and nationalities which comprise the diverse Muslim community.

Bouquet of Programs:

* Islamic Sciences: Instruction in Quran recitation and Arabic Language/ Explanation of the Quran / Islamic rulings
* Documentaries: Islamic / Historical / Scientific / Cultural
* Lectures: Biography of The Prophets and other prominent personalities in history / Muslim relations with non Muslims
* Social Issues: The Islamic social system / Youth concerns
* Women’s Programs: Legal rulings relevant to Muslim women / Health and Family
* Children’s Programs: Fun Shows / Cartoons / / Islamic songs / Manners, morals, and etiquettes.

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52 thoughts on “Watch Huda Tv Online – Islamic Channel”


  2. am soo obsessed with this channel mashaAllah it is greeaat! this is what u call a reAL islamic really needs to be broadcasted on sky tv! i cant believe i just come across this channel yesterday!

    • Aslamoalakum,
      Thanks for your comment, we were thinking that no one watches it and thinking of removing it. But due to your comment we think we will leave it as it is to further help Muslim Ummah.
      Once again thanks,
      iMuslimz Team

  3. I wish huda TV was more consistent for those of us without satellites. Gets aggravating when its off for days at a time. But alhumduillah i love the channel

  4. Huda TV is one of the most wonderful islamic channels ,may Allah bless all its staff and support them to overcome the financial hardships they come through as they work to spread the true islamic knlowledge.

  5. islamic tv noor huda may be not able to live watch on mobile. i try too much but not succeed on nokia N70 with jawalnet. my luck.

  6. assalam alaikkum

    brother and sister
    i like to know from which country is this channel from,
    i wish you should telecast even in france also, i am so happy
    that i receive huda tv in my computer,allam dullilah.

    it really helps to be in rightpath of “allah” for people like me.

    assalam alaikkum wa rehmat ul allah

  7. Asalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahu Wabarkatu,

    I was wondering if possible if I could download and record some episodes of Huda TV and use it to shows others on YouTube. Inshallah if possible, I hope this email reaches you in the best of health and iman.

  8. Salam,

    I was wondering why Huda TV does no work anymore. Inshallah to the authors please do something about it as I am dependent on this channel.


  9. Is it normal that I cannot get access to this channel occasionally?
    Its really frustrating because I can’t tune in whenever there is live program. What can I do about it?

  10. Dear brothers,


    am almost a regular watcher of your program and get guidance from many of your endeavours on Huda TV. May Allah bless you and me along with all of our ummah around the globe.
    I witness many brothers and sisters seeking guidance on their daily chores of life, however when i think of my part of the world (Indian Occupied Kashmir), where our sisters and daughters are being raped by Indian security forces, my heart bleeds to think, that on one hand a sister in Saudi Arabia is asking for the rules in islamic shariah, to know her freedom to choose or select her life-partner and on the other hand, there is a sister in kashmir, who is been gang raped by the Kufar, and the whole muslim ummah is sleeping in deep slumber…not even a word…I have only read and heard of Tariq bin ziyad who burnt his boats, but wonder was that era an era when muslim mothers produced greats…have we ceased to feel for each other?
    In the end, wud request you to pray for our plight, the plight of the palestinians, the pakistanis, the afghanis and the iraqis.. for you are the blessed ones inshallah.

  11. am new to this and i sometimes watch hudas programm and i like them all and sometime i always like to ask questions on huda program but could not get connected please help me to know how to get connected to some of the programs on huda thank you Allah bless you, am from nigeria

  12. kenela we pir xwe? e.Ez her tim li dinêrim.?n?allah xweda serkeftinê nesîbê we bike.Your chanel is very good.Always I keep an eye on your chanel. ? hope that Allah may make you be successful.

  13. I want you to provide me with sientific miracles in the Quran.I am so interested in Huda tv and esprsially Zaglol Alnajjar.please oeovide me with his email

  14. dear sheik momahamad sala i would like to send you message coz i  need help for this ramadan, i am amera working in abudhabi as domistic helper, shiek im awalys waching your programe that why a like to heard your voice and advice,sheik in the philippines i look  amd ask if there is channel huda tv coz i want to watch all my relative and all piople muslim therid in my place coz where far from the city, pls sheik we have masjid no water for make wudo and haman for the piople when there are coming to pray. most especialy food for piople make ramadan alone to help and give money to buy food for ramadan, coz my auntie no work, sheik before we are the same working so our salary we colec to build that masjid os also same employer give hadiya with as ,so we make masjid own, but now she dont have no work ,so im alone to support that masjid, pls im not to talk to you all lair that is for masjid i talk you and need you help, pls trust me and my auntie , i need you help for ramadan coming to let piople make pasting and praying more, and you know our place very defficuil
    thank you sheik

  15. assalamu alaikum warahmatullah. may Allah bless all ur efforts and make it sincerely for His sake. jazakumullahu khairan. pls keep this up.

  16. lam of Ur viewer,really appreciate  your effort in lighten our educational status religiously,may Allah guides you and protect huda.Ameen

  17. aselam  alukom
    last year i didn’t fast cos i was sick and till now i didn’t  fast and now romadan is com so what can i do can i continue  before i fastor what i have to do

  18. El salamu ALAIKUM,

    Iam Sudanese yuth,I live and work in Darfur region,
    I am a teacher, writer & Peace building activist,I have puplications of  poetry in English(in Khartoum Monitor-a Sudanese English daily news paper).Iam asking about writers forum which can give achance for Moslim youth to show their  hobies and activities.

    my appreciation,
    mohammed adam sabi

  19. Dear Sir,
    Please dont remove Huda Tv from this site, as I am in sri Lanka watching most the time Huda TV, as there in no other channel is smooth in playing this channel.
    Sri Lanka

  20. assalamu aleikum, pls i like muh’d sallah preaching,  my name is yakubu abdulrahaman from nigeria, leaving in sok, state. pleas i hv some question to ask you, i have all muslim brother  to extent that  used to disclosed some of my personal issue but they hadly disclosed there to me. i started filing bad, i began to distrust them, please what should i do?

  21. assalam alaikkum wa rehmat ul Allah
    really the hude TV is great channel,and i hope support u
    i haven`t enough money but i want help you to spread islam in every place in the world by any way
    allah bless you

  22. Salam.i am from Iran.ur channel is fantastic.ur programs are very revealing and insightful.i really appreciate ur great task of spreading genuine Islam.hope Allah help u achieve ur sacred goals.i would be very grateful if u can include more English programs for small children (cartoons and other live shows) and even babies so that they become interested in ur channel.if u already have  such programs please let me know of their timetables.
    thanks a lot
    Abu Omar from Iran

  23. hello.i would be very grateful if u can include more programs for small children in english including cartoons and live shows.if u have already such programs pleaze give me their timetables.

  24. assalamu alaikum ayyuhal muslimun. pls i wan know hudatv location (the country). thank uuu and may allah blessing be with u all, w/salam.. Abubakar T.Y Lagos, Nig.

  25. I love to watch Huda channel but unfortunately it is not on any more and I am very sad, due to the fact we were getting a lot of knowledge on hajj in Quran and Hadith
    I am base in Kenk Uk. is there any other way to get this channel back please do something so we can receive it back. Incah Allah Ameen.

  26. Assalamu Alaikum…
     i was watching huda tv . but now it is not coming to the free air satalite. so i try to watch it in mypc. Jazakumullahu Khair.

  27. Assalam O Alaikum, There is some of my friends who never offer Prayers in Mosque even Eid Prayers as well! They always say that Imam getting salary to perform prayer in mosque so they are charging or taking amount from Government “They have to perform this act without any Salary” and they used to recite some Quran Ayat & related Hadith in this regard. They follow Dr. Masood Usmani M.B.B.S. and they also say that they will perform Umrah & Hajj thier self they will not offer prayer under any imam. Kindy clear this accordance with Quran & Hadith.

  28. salam:i want totalk milad personly.

    milad!when ever u see this msg plz contact methat time i want to talk u plz.waiting for ur msg on my mailing dress


  29. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu.
    I really enjoy your programs that immensely helped in transforming my behavior. My worry is that: Abu Uthamah Althulabi is not available on my screen. Please, Huda TV, I am in need of Islam 101. Make the program available please.


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