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IslamChannel (Islam Channel) Information:

Islam Channel is a UK-based, free-to-air, English language, Islamic-focused satellite television channel. It broadcasts across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and is streamed live on the internet – it is soon to commence broadcasting in North America. Islam Channel began broadcasting on March 2004 on |Sky Digital channel 836, but subsequently moved to channel 813.

Since its launch, the channel has expanded its range of programming, including programmes regarding current affairs, education, Islamic values, Islamic doctrine, as well as domestic, financial and community related topics. The channel is said to have a viewing audience of over several million, while its target audience is mainly English-speaking Muslims.

History of the channel

* The channel was the original effort of Mohammed Sajid, Shaheen Akhtar, Asif Malik, Salauddin Ali, Ibrahim Rashid and Faisal Nazir. they have all left the Channel but Salahuddin has now returned as Managing Director.
* The Global Peace and Unity 2006 attracted 57,0000 people. However there were a large number of complaints regarding poor organisation.
* Muhammad Ali remains the CEO
* On 31 July 2007, the channel was fined £30,000 by the UK broadcasting regulator Ofcom for allowing staff, including journalist Yvonne Ridley, to present news and current affairs programmes whilst standing as candidates in elections.

Aims of Islam Channel

* Islam Channel aims to be an informational as well as an entertainment medium for Muslim populations as well as Non-Muslim populations. It aspires to raise public awareness about Islam, Muslims and issues concerning them, especially in the light of perceived misinformation prevalent in today’s global community. It aims to form bridges of mutual understanding and awareness between communities. It also aims to educate Muslims and Non-Muslims about Islam, inviting them to research it further.

* There has been a large demand amongst Muslims to have an alternative media source and television station by which authentic information on Islam and current affairs can be obtained, as well as a station which is sensitive to Islamic morals and ethics, and Islam Channel is perceived to be one step towards realising that goal.

Popular Programmes

There are a number of programmes enjoying significant popularity amongst Muslims globally which cover entertainment, current affairs, community activities, women’s issues as well as Islamic education.

Islam Channel News

Perhaps the most watched programme on the channel, now that the world-famed ‘Agenda’ discussion programme has been taken off-air.

Islam Channel News is the first-ever attempt to provide global Islamic news in the English language.

Our aim is to bring viewers all the stories and issues that affect Muslims in the UK and abroad.

We aim to succeed where the mainstream media fails – to properly represent the interests and convey the viewpoints of the global Ummah. In short, to give Muslims the voice that has been denied them for so long by the western broadcast and print media.

We will ask the questions that others do not dare ask, and delve into areas where others will not go.

However, we do not believe in peddling propaganda and rest committed to representing both sides of the story fairly. We will not, under any circumstances, patronise our viewers and will let them make up their own minds about the rights and wrongs of a particular story.

We firmly believe that Muslims seeking news about all the major issues at home and abroad, like Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir and many others, should consider Islam Channel News their main outlet.

Behind the Veil

* Currently on a break (contactable at behindtheveil[at]

Behind the Veil is an educational programme hosted by two presenters named Hoda Al Soudani and Shahida Mohamed Ali. It is aimed at the Muslim youth with the intention of addressing the relevant cultural and social issues from an Islamic perspective, as well as sharing information about and related to Islam. Memorable episodes have included the issue of inter-racial marriages amongst Muslims, as well as discussions on inspiring the youth of today to live up to the standards set by the young people amongst the Salaf.

The programme also contains regular book reviews to discuss and recommend notable publications, and has in the past covered books such as The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Forty Hadiths of al-Nawawi, and Companions of the Prophet by Abdul Waahid Haamid . Programme details and summaries are put on the Internet for archiving.

Having assumed broadcast since 2005, Behind the Veil currently airs every Sunday at 1500 GMT with a repeat the following Tuesday at 4pm.

Hassan and Habibah

Hassan as-Saleemi and Habibah Ellahee are married co-hosts of this light social affairs programme. They are widely known among Muslims as “Hassan and Habibah”, their show is entitled ‘The Hassan and Habibah Show’. The show is described as a

“unique husband and wife talk show discussing issues with different guests. This refreshing weekly discussion show examines social issues that deal with family, marriage and various other topics”.

They are noted for challenging mainly South-Asian cultural perceptions on the nature of Islam, dealing with topics such as: forced marriage; domestic violence with the Muslim women’s helpline; depression with the Muslim Youth Helpline; and infertility problems with Dr Mohammad Taranissi.

They have on occasion dealt with more serious topics, specifically on the 25 December, 2004 in a 2-hour special, they did a show entitled “Prisoners of Iman”, discussing cases of Muslims that have been imprisoned for their faith, or political activity. They interviewed the wife of Ian Nisbet, one of the “Egypt Three”.


Question and Answer – Phone an Islamic scholar live

Journey Through the Quran

A series of lectures explaining the meaning of the Quran by Shaikh Suhaib Hasan.

Muslimah Dilemma

Muslim sisters show

Fundamentals of Faith

A show by Yasir Qadhi in which he discusses the basic theological beliefs of Islam.

National Qir’aat Competition

Listen to the young ones battle it out in reciting the Quran. Presented by former Rizwan Hussain.

Model Mosque

A new ground breaking show for the channel, designed to find the best masjid in the UK. Presenter Abrar Hussain

Launching September 2007!


“Stories from the Seerah: Lessons and Morals” is presented by Yasir Qadhi. It discusses the seerah or biography of the Prophet Muhammad and extracts benefits and morals from them.

Ummah Talk

A discussion of events that affect the “ummah” i.e. the Muslim community

Your Event

A light hearted and often entertaining weekly show which covers Islamic events in and around the UK, presented by Abdul Akbar, a qualified teacher and IT Consultant.

Education Matters

A show dedicated to Muslims within Education. Usually hosted by Babar Mirza, a secondary school qualified teacher and director of education for a nationally recognised educational trust in the UK.

Saturday Night Live

This flagship entertainment show is hosted by Sajid Varda. The chat show features guests from all walks of life, both well known and up and coming, who are distiniguised in their fields of music, art, entertainment, community work. Guests have included Jermaine Jackson, Sami Yusuf and boxer Danny Williams. Sajid has worked with the channel since 2004 and with his extensive background in the TV & Film industry brings a wealth of experience and professionalism to the Channel. This light-hearted entertainment show airs on Saturday night at 9.30pm.

Conferences organized by Islam Channel

Global Peace & Unity

The Global Peace & Unity event was a large scale event attended by around 25,000 Muslims and Non-Muslims at the ExCel arena in London on the 4th December 2005. The aim of the event according to the organisers was to bring together people from all spheres of the British society in order to inform and educate them about Islam and Muslims — and through this, help to bridge the gaps between Muslims and non-Muslims. Guest speakers, amongst others, included:

* Mohammed Ali, Islam Channel’s CEO;
* Yvonne Ridley, Islam Channel’s political editor ;
* Yusuf Estes, Islamic preacher from Texas;
* Native Deen , a Muslim band from Detroit;
* 786 , a Muslim band
* Dawud Wharnsby , a Muslim poet and singer/songwriter from Canada, along with Idris Phillips (2006);
* Native Deen , a Muslim band from Detroit;
* Brother Dash , Spoken Word Poet from the United States
* Salma Yaqoob, British Councillor;
* Imran Khan, politician and former Pakistani cricket captain;
* Dr. Zakir Naik, international Islamic orator;
* Yasir Qadhi, Muslim activisit from America
* Sir Iqbal Sacranie, former chairman of the Muslim Council of Britain;
* George Galloway, British MP;
* Lord Faulkner;
* Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Pakistani politician;
* Saeed Anwar, former Pakistani cricketer;
* Simon Hughes, British MP;
* Khurshid Drabu; Immigration judge.

Live performances by Muslim entertainers Zain Bhikha, Ahmed Bukhatir, Jamal Uddiin Marcell & The Fletcher Valve Drummers, Junaid Jamshed and Najam Sheraz were also given.

The event was again repeated on November 25th and 26th 2006.

Islamaphobia: A Dilemma in the West

* The Islam Channel convened a conference on Islamophobia held in Copenhagen on the 13th of May 2006 [6]. The conference was attended by 150 participants from countries around the world, with approximately another 1000 in the audience. Participation in the question and answer sessions was enhanced by a television audience of millions across Europe and North and West Africa. While the majority were Muslims, many others were Christians or of other beliefs.
* Speakers at the event included CEO of Islam Channel Muhammad Ali, Mayor of London Ken Livingston, political analyst and journalist Yvonne Ridley, Islamic speakers Shaykh Yusuf Estes and Jamal Badawi, as well as a broad range of other speakers.

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  2. salam, could anybody help me i watched a program today 26th thursday 2009 at 9 am called The last day i could not watch it all could you please tell me is it possible to watch it again,it had very good facts that every muslim shold know.Jazak_Allah

  3. Some of us in Nigeria could not access (watch) your channel since the end of 2007. Please can you explain to us why and what can we do to get the channel back here in Nigeria.
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    Jazakallahu Khaeran for your efforts.

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  6. Assalam Alaikum.I just discovered Islamic Channel here in Washington DC in my relentless search for Islamic alternative. Alhamdulillah. My problem is that though I get you at work. I don’t when I go home. Are you being blocked here or am I missing something.Ma’a Salam

  7. Assalamu alaikum,

    I have just watched the politics show with Inayat and his guests. It was so interesting to see a bunch of power thirsty ex politicians literally begging to be voted again, when in actual fact everybody lost any trust in them. It was fantastic to hear your other guest, hopefully future MEP, Sohale Rahman, to completely trush Israel and openly denounce the atrocities committed against palestinians. Well done. Does it mean that there is really someone there to be trusted and who can finally and without fear represent muslims? Inshallah

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    i am ashrafi ayyuby from India .actually i wanted to know something about shia sect that shia says that ….hazrat ali hamen hashr ke din hamian bakhshwa enge or qabr main bhi hazrat ali hi ayenge aye kya bat hai please tell me according to quraan and original hadees because koi bhi shia us bat ka inkar nahi kar sake
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  13. Aslamualikum,
    My name is Sehrish and I want to get in touch with the Q-TV Mufti sahib, who comes during ramadan program with the host Tasneem Sabri.My sister has a very seriosu problem and i need his advice as soon as possible. She went to abbotabad and some kind of jin is behind her since 4 months now, she is a newly wed bride, he got married 4 months ago and it happened right away. The situation is becoming serious every day and we are very worried.Please let me get MUFTI SAHIB’s contact information , we really need his help.

    plz plz plzz have him email me or give me his contact information. I’ll be very thankful to you.

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     Hi You r doing great.Sure all muslims need “dhava” to others. But…? Insha allah HYR. Jazhakkallah hyr.

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    How to perform Tayammum. Is there any Doa at the time of starting it. Any other pertinent advice please


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  18. As Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatuallah,
    Dear brethren in islam. the question for today was asked. I believe it was what angel takes your soul away? The reply on the screen was jabreel! with my small knowledge I thought that he was only in charge of revelation!
    Azrael is one of the four great angels. He is one of the four angels that bear up the throne of Allah. Angels are the envoys of Allah; they do not act on their own, they do not act independently; they work under command. They do whatever Allah tells them to do.

    When the Quran mentions the angels, it states that they never disobey Allah and do promptly what they are ordered to do.(1)

    When the Quran talks about  Azrael, it describes him as “The Angel of Death, put in charge of you, will (duly) take your souls: then shall ye be brought back to your Lord.” (2) and defines his duty. When we see it in the light of this verse, Hazrat Azrael does the duty assigned to him, he works in the name of, on behalf of Allah.
    I believe the answer is  Azrael…would u plz make the correction for the wrong will fall on u and those responsible.. shukran

  19. asa…. This is my dal-lil for angel jibreel, he is not the angel who takes the souls.. (Jibreel)  is mentioned early on the Qur’an in Sura Al-Baqarah:

    “Say: Whoever is an enemy to jibreel – for he brings down the (revelation) to your heart by God’s will, a confirmation of what went before, and guidance and glad tidings to those who believe – Whoever is an enemy to God, and His angels and prophets, to Gabriel and Michael – Lo! God is an enemy to those who reject Faith.” (Al-Baqarah 2:97-98)

  20. Peace to everyone again,
    Also some dont give the angel a name who comes to remove the soul by our Lords leave they call him maliki maut… thank you

  21. ASSALAMUALLAYKUM!!!!!!!!!!!

    EID MUBARAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     HOPE YOUR ENJOYING EID

                                                                                                                                  TAHIYAH BEGUM 

  22. asalamualaikum islam channel admins,
    this is an earnest request from one of ur sis in islam that kindly restart english translatn of friday sermon of jummah salah at madina munawra,it wil b highly appreciated.
    secondly i wd like to draw ur attentn to ur new chanel logo which says ‘the ONLY chanel for u in hajj’,kindly chek if it doesnt amount to sayg a lie as there r othr chanels also doig sam wrk.
    may allah almighty reward u in abundance for ur efforts.

  23. Salamun alaykum,
    I visit ur site and am highly impressed by the kind of programme Islamic Channel is broadcasting. For this reason, I hope in a near future you will star televising Hausa programmes for your Nigerian and west African audience. Pls dot it with sole intent of enlightening the muslims all over the world.
    May Allah continue to guide and assist you in all your undertakings.
    Abubakar AbdurRahaman Dodo

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  25. Assalamu AlaikumIm soooo happy with the programes of islamic channel,its really good.Alhamthulillah its gives us more informations abt islam.It also help us to improvethe right path of islam.jazhakallah to islamic channel. 

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  28. Assalamo Alaikum, In Holy Quraan Allah says about all those who are worshipped beside Allah,’they are Blind, Unaware and Dead. They cannot create anything and they cannot help anybody.It is very clear in Holy Quraan that all false gods are dead including Hadhrat Esa(as) and Hadhrat Maryam. Allah is The Protector against all kinds of Dajjals.
    Wassalam o Alaikum.


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