Watch Live Al Jazeera AlJazeera Tv News Online – English Qatar Channel Television

Watch Live Al Jazeera AlJazeera Tv Online News Television Channel – English Qatar

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Al Jazeera Television Channel in English language:

The station launched an English-language edition of its online content in March 2003. This English language website was relaunched on 15 November 2006, along with the launch of Al Jazeera English.

In 2003, Al Jazeera hired its first English-language journalists, among whom Afshin Rattansi, from the BBC’s Today Programme (which had been at the heart of UK events when it came to Tony Blair’s decision to back the U.S. invasion of Iraq).

In March 2003, it launched an English-language website.

On 4 July 2005 Al Jazeera officially announced plans to launch a new English-language satellite service to be called Al Jazeera International. The new channel started at 12h GMT on 15 November 2006 under the name Al Jazeera English and has broadcast centers in Doha (next to the original Al Jazeera headquarters and broadcast center), London, Kuala Lumpur and Washington D.C.. The channel is a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week news channel, with 12 hours broadcast from Doha, and four hours each from London, Kuala Lumpur, and Washington D.C.

With Al Jazeera’s growing global outreach and influence, some scholars including Adel Iskandar have described the station as a transformation of the very definition of “alternative media.”


Many people see Al Jazeera as a more trustworthy source of information than government and foreign channels. Some scholars and commentators use the notion of contextual objectivity, which highlights the tension between objectivity and audience appeal, to describe the station’s controversial yet popular news approach. As a result, it is probably the most watched news channel in the Middle East. Increasingly, Al Jazeera’s exclusive interviews and other footage are being rebroadcast in American, British, and other western media outlets such as CNN and the BBC. In January 2003, the BBC announced that it had signed an agreement with Al Jazeera for sharing facilities and information, including news footage. Al Jazeera is now considered by some to be a fairly mainstream media network, though more controversial than most. In the United States as of 2006, video footage from the network carried by other stations was largely limited to video segments of hostages.

As of 2007, the Arabic Al Jazeera channel rivals the BBC in worldwide audiences with an estimated 40 to 50 million viewers. Al Jazeera English has an estimated reach of around 100 million households.


The original Al Jazeera channel is available worldwide through various satellite and cable systems. In the U.S., it is available through subscription satellite and free to air DVB-S on the Galaxy 25 and Galaxy 23 satellites. Al Jazeera can also be freely viewed with a DVB-S receiver in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East as it is broadcast on the Astra and Hot Bird satellites. The Optus C1 satellite in Australia carries the channel for free, while in the UK it is available on Sky and Freesat platforms.

For availability info of the Al Jazeera network’s other TV channels, see their respective articles. Segments of Al Jazeera English are uploaded to YouTube.

It is also possible to watch Al Jazeera English over the internet from their official website. The low-resolution version is available free of charge, high-resolution available under subscription fees through partner sites.
Al Jazeera’s English division has also partnered with Livestation for Internet-based broadcasting. This enables viewers to watch Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera live worldwide.

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  1. Dear/ broadcasters by Algazeera T.V. channel.
    It is me Hussein Adam Musa.I live in Darfur.I work with UNAMID as Language assistant,I congratulate you by the fasting moon ,Every one all over the world welcomes it, I just want to have your assisstance concerning learning english,and also want to have your free libararies and dictionaries. I want to have your news daily through my email.

  2. Dear Editors of Aljazeera TV News in English:
    What an excellent half-hour news program tonight in Chicago!  As a retired 76-year-old American, I have come to appreciate the different coverage you offer each Saturday.  Tonight’s coverage especially: France, Texas, Nigeria (or was it Kenya?).  A balanced but nuanced view from your part of the world.  Thank you.
    Richard Orb, Chicago


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