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    • I am sorry but please do not try to spam out site with different site urls. If you like to advertise on iMuslimz then please check out advertise page. Thanks

  1. dear sir ,iwas busy on Y/A..time pass,segment ramadan:questin was regarding qadyanis ..anther questin..was als there …the ID..used by the author..is [muhammad…below that teddy dear] on above..there is pic f teddy bear.i tried to report yahoo abuse ..but due to 00level of cmputer .don,t know much…..may be it is nrmal t u ..or t govt[which always …his master voice..as displayed on pakistan times in 60,s..my id on y/a is [hidden by admin], there r many sara,please keep my identity confidential.may be it is normal for u as ther is lot of …..on chat rooms which i never visited.i rang jinnah ….as this the newspaper ..we read..thanks a lot

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