Talal – Ahmel Eh

Ahmel Eh

Artist: Talal
Album: El Duniya

Ahmel Eh
Translation: What should I do

Your the one in my heart
And I´m the one in your heart
You pass me by
And I´m seeing you
Why aren’t you coming closer to me?
Be kind to me
Smile, come on
And make me forget the world
[ Lyrics are taken from http://www.TheNasheedLyrics.com ]
I wish I could see you
In between my hands
I wish your soul
Could be mine

Chorus: (x2)
What shall I do?
Your always in my mind
What shall I do?
Your picture is always in my imagination

Whats wrong with you always being in my mind?
And whats the harm
If I drew you infront of me
I’ll draw your eyes
I’ll draw your eyelashes
And the picture
Will make me forget all the nights

I wish I could see you
In between my arms
I wish your soul
Could be mine


Repeat Chorus

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