Biography Of Ameen Abdullah

Biography Of Ameen Abdullah – The Poet

Ameen Abdullah was born Steve Boucicault an born in portue prince Haiti June 5th 1982. When he was young his mother and father fearing Hardships and poverty Fled to america for a better life. Ameen was raised in a catholic family, and for his whole life taught catholocism. During highschool with mother and father separated Ameen started getting involved with the wrong crowd and getting in trouble involved in drugs and fornication

As he got in his twenties and not really caring and getting in college. He foun a love for writing poetry but kept it discreet, and never got serious into it because like other young African american males he starte getting into gangsta rapping . degrading women and talking bout killing people.
Deep down he wanted Allaah in his life but did not have the strength to accept him due to the lifestyle he was living. Being kicked out the house constantly and being a bad influenceon his young brothers ameen decided to move in with a friend in pennsylvania and this is when Allaah open his eyes to islaam

When Ameen moved in with this friend in 2005 all they did was smoke get high and be with woman but yet no matter how fun it appeared to Ameen it never felt right and it led to depression. Oneday Ameen told himself he is going to get closer to God but through christianity. so when he starte to learn bout christianity he found that certain things were strange. He always prayed to God Alone so when he found out that he has to pray to jesus in order to be saved it changed something in his heart because for his whole life even as a christian he always prayed to God. with the confusion and not wanting to disobey God ameen prayed to jesus but in his heart never felt right

Oneday while he was on the computer by the wil of Allaah 2006 . got in contact with a muslim. he asked the sister why do you dress this way since she was garbed up. and the sister explained to him and told him bout islaam. When the truth started to hit him he knew that this was from God and accepted islaam within 20 minutes of the conversation never doubting that this religion is from God
he decided to go back home to newyork and by the will of Allaah met some real good and pious and studious brothers. he gave up what he use to talk bout but writing was always part of him so he would write form time to time.

Ameen did his first open mic in a school for young kids, and the response that he recieved was unbelievable . so someboy recommended that he should put it into a cd. so with hardwork and dedication and with the support of the people ameen worked hard day and night on his cd and entitled it Eyes of a ghetto man . due to the situations that he witnessed or was aware of or even dealt with himself

Eyes of a ghetto man is the first work of Ameen abdullah of many to come inshaAlaah
the things that he talks bout like Baby in the trashcan, What is a muslim, and some other breathtaking pieces like How i got HIV are things that people need to be aware of but nobody talks bout. and with every piece is a hidden message

Ameen abdullah has been muslim now for two years and is currently trying his best to learn the deen of islaam. He speaks arabic and spends his time trying to please Allah.

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