Biography Of Saad Omar

Biography Of Saad Omar

Saad Omar is a folk songwriter that has written lyrics for Dawud Wharnsby Ali and Native Deen. In 2002, Dawud Wharnsby asked the young songwriter to write a song for his Eid compilation album. After the release of “Days of Joy,” Saad decided to decided to take a couple of years to develop his craft and for the most part kept his writing private. Finally, after six years of artistic development, Saad will be releasing his debut album entitled Circus Man. His songs will be performed by artists such as Dawud Wharnsby Ali, Kareem Salama, 786, and several top folk singers from the US, Canada, and across Europe

Saad Omar’s lyrics are influenced by poets such as Muhammad Iqbal, Khalil Gibran, Milton, Shakespeare, and Whitman as well as songwriters such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Furthermore, the ideology of this poet has been greatly shaped by contemporary Muslim scholars such as Sherman Jackson, Umar Faruq Abdullah, Hamza Yusuf, and TJ Winter. The result is a unique fusion of art and a nuanced understanding of American Muslims.

The Circus Man Album uses the metaphor of the Circus to provide social critique on the current state of the Muslim community. The central issues are identity and alienation.
The Album will be released by the end of 2008 or early 2009, Insh’Allah

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9 thoughts on “Biography Of Saad Omar”

  1. Kareem Salama writes his own lyrics. Saad hasnt written any songs for Kareem, in fact no one has ever written any songs for him. You need to verify your facts before posting them…

  2. Its great to see muslim artists in music and other entertainment like the new up and coming comedians. It shows that muslims are normal people and our lives are multifaceted. great job! On another note, i cant speak for the other artists but from personal experience i know that kareem salama writes his own music. It’s actually one of the things he is known best for.

    Hope to see more biographys on here soon!

  3. yah tariq and sarah, thanks for pointing that out, i think that should be changed/clarified, kareem has written all the material on his first two albums, for my upcoming album, i have written a song that kareem will be singing entitled Folded Bride Dress…


    • Salaam, does the album have a somewhat tentative release date right now, or has it already been released, I’ve been trying to find it everywhere

  4. unfortunately, it won’t be out until a few months after ISNA, inshallah. i really just want to take my time and do it well, insahllah.

  5. Salaam, does the album have a somewhat tentative release date right now, or has it already been released, I’ve been trying to find it everywhere

  6. I think he made it Maha that it will be released a “few” months after ISNA!!!!
    Saad I <3 your music! I heard you at the poetic vision tour! Please REPLY!


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