Biography Of Mesut Kurtis

Biography Of Mesut Kurtis

Mesut Kurtis is exclusively represented by Awakening Entertainment throughout the world and is signed to Awakening Records, a division of Awakening Worldwide.

Mesut Kurtis was born in July 1981. He was born and brought up in a Muslim family. He spent his childhood in Skopje, Macedonia. Mesut enjoyed his time at school a lot. It encouraged him to find out more about himself and to check out his musical abilities. He found out that there must have been a deep seated connection between him and music at a very early age. From then he went onto perform nasheeds with groups in the local mosques and conferences. As for his favourite subjects at school, he liked them all. He went onto study at an Islamic college in Skojpe that allowed him to go to the UK to study for a degree in Human Sciences with Islamic Studies.

Mesut doesn’t come from a musical family although he admits that they do love to sing. Mesuts’ father, who he describes as having a beautiful voice, recites the Qur’an and nasheeds in several languages and styles in a mosque. When he was younger he was a public-spirited person who wanted to help out. His only hope and wish when he grew up was to become a dove for mankind, which it still is to this day. Mesut’s musical influences are Sufi, Turkish classical, Arabic and European music. There isn’t one particular group or genre of music that has influenced him as Macedonia where he grew up has a multi-ethnic population.

Mesut would describe his music as having a mix influences from Eastern and Western styles. He sings mainly about putting love into peoples hearts towards Allah and Mohammad. He says in general, his music represents a way of life and its philosophy. He is currently working on new songs and practicing current songs for his concerts around the world. Islam has had a direct impact upon his music. He uses the Qur’an as an example whereby every letter has a different melody and style of pronunciation, just like the sounds of nature do on the Earth. He reflects on who “The Creator” is when working upon his music.

He likes to send out a message of despite all the bad things that surround us, people are here for one reason, which is to live and endure this. Life is good and worth living in peace, happiness, love and humanity. We need to look at things from the right perspective and point of view. Mesut considers his first album Salawat and a video clip of a well-known nasheed Al-Burdah he performed in to be his best achievement to date. He says that he could not have been able to achieve any of this without the help of Allah, and Awakening.

Mesut’s plans for 2008 are to keep working on his second album for release in mid 2008, perform live more and continuing his postgraduate studies. There are two goals he wishes to achieve: becoming a professional musician and successfully completing his postgraduate studies.

In his spare time he enjoys reading, travelling, social activities and playing sport.

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