Biography Of Talal

Biography Of Talal

At only 21 years of age and his future looking bright, Talal has already managed
to create Arabic music with an amazing passion and sound unheard of on the
Middle Eastern music scene. With roots in Palestine and settlement in
Copenhagen, he’s currently preparing his concert tour for the newly released
album, El Duniya.

Talal originally descends from Palestine, but was born in a refugee camp in
Baalback, Lebanon on November 7th 1986. In 1989 he and his family moved to
Denmark, where he grew up with his parents, two older brothers and a younger

Singing has always meant a great deal to Talal. As a young child you would find
him on the playground serenading the other kids. Throughout his life, he’s
always been known as the great party entertainer who’s always ready to sing to
the crowd.

Talal’s professional debut came in 2004, when Danish/Moroccan rapper Majid
released a single called “My Struggle” with Talal featuring as a vocalist on his
native Arabic. This song was a great success throughout Europe and lead to a
lot of interest in Talal.

In December 2006 Talal was signed to Nasima Music and began the journey of
fulfilling his lifelong dream. Sharing the same vision and goal as his good friend,
Samir Cuhtait (producer), they both embarked upon creating a new sound,
uniquely combining the beautiful Arabic vocal traditions with the prominent
sound of the Western studio productions.

By the release of the first single “Ahmel Eh” in late February 2007, it became
more than clear that Talal’s music came when most needed. The single went
through the roof. In just a few days more than 10.000 people visited this
debutante’s Myspace to experience the song. The Internet was flooded with
positive reviews and Talal was overwhelmed by the amount of fan mail received
from all over the Middle East. Shortly after followed the single “Enta Ya Habibi”
which featured Majid on rap. This combination of Arabic and English shot Talal
to even greater heights, and now he was well known and very popular among
the Western Arabic as well as other nationalities.

The journey has just begun, but the signs are clear and the destination evident.
Several songs have been released with great success. His much-anticipated
album, El Duniya, is almost completed and he’s already giving concerts around
the world. Talal has already crossed borders, transcended barriers and become
one of the most popular artists in the Middle East and among Arabic emigrants
in the west. Bringing Arabic music to a new and more contemporary level, Talal
has firmly placed himself on the throne of Arabic pop.

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  1. OMG…TALAL. I loveeee ur album, love all ur are you? i downloaded your whole album. it´s gr8888 … i love it… i love it!!! …keep up your work!!!

    Everyone who havent downloaded the album go to … Album Download is free for now !!! go go go go TALAL!!!!

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  3. Talal is amazing!!! He’s without doubt the new king of Arabic pop music! Finally somebody lifted that music genre to a whole new level!

    The album “El Duniya” is clear proof of that.


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